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NBA Power Rankings for December 7 2006

Two teams are surging through their conferences, and they have also surged to the top of my NBA Power Rankings, as the West is tight, and the East is pathetic.

Rank (Pv)
1 (3) 13-5
Tic tac toe, twelve in a row!
2 (4) 14-6
6-2 against the West, they are one of only two Eastern teams with a winning record against the clearly superior West.
3 (1) 15-4
They are still 15-4, but they lost to the Magic and Lakers this week.
4 (5) 12-6
This team has figured out how to play with Kobe, and still be a team.
5 (2) 14-5
Injuries are taking a toll on this team, as they have succumbed to second place in the division.
6 (8) 10-6
Like Dallas, they are making a rapid surge back to where their expectations had them. They are nearing the top of the Pacific, having won six in a row.
7 (6) 12-6
They are hoping T-Mac is ok after sustaining a concussion, but everything is ok for them at home this season. They are 7-1 in H-town.
8 (9) 11-7
Through playing .500 ball, the Pistons suddenly find themselves on top of the division and second in the East.
9 (11) 10-6
They have the best offense and the worst defense, but they own a positive point differential, so what ever works.
10 (10) 9-10
I am still buying Nellie’s surprising group despite two embarrassing losses to Eastern Conference foes this week.
11 (15) 8-9
They have thoroughly proven two things: 1. They are not an elite team. 2. Kevin Martin is not a fluke.
12 (7) 11-7
Through inconsistency, LeBron and his not so supporting cast has fallen into a tie with the Pistons
13 (12) 9-8
After a fast start, they have dropped off and are playing just to stay at .500.
14 (13) 9-8
They are still freefalling after that loss to the Lakers. Now they are at .500 and must fight back to challenge in the Pacific.
15 (17) 10-10
They are a flat .500 team with no real signature moment or idea, but who cares? They are the number four team in the East.
16 (14) 8-9
Clinging to the tail of the playoff race, KG is trying to help this team while he is still on it.
17 (22) 9-9
The problems with Ben Wallace must stop for this team to kick it back into gear.
18 (18) 7-10
I still think they can be a dangerous team late in the season, so if they can pack it in to get healthy and still lead the division, more power to them.
19 (19) 7-10
The Hawks are leading them. Dwyane Wade could beat the Hawks with Jahidi White as his big guy. Come on.
20 (16) 8-9
Lots of teams have bad weeks with San Antonio, Utah and Orlando on the schedule.
21 (24) 8-9
They are still sitting in a playoff spot, and Joe Johnson holds the reigns.
22 (27) 7-11
They have suddenly found some momentum. Actually, they stole it with a win over the Celtics, and now the Internationals are the leading threat to the Nets.
23 (20) 7-13
Four losses dropped them right out of sight of the postseason.
24 (25) 8-10
Arenas can score all he wants, but until they can play defense, this team will rot in third place.
25 (26) 7-11
Last week’s portion of the Western road trip was actually a positive sign, with wins over the Lakers and Warriors
26 (29) 5-13
I wonder what they could get for Pau Gasol?
27 (23) 5-12
They led the Atlantic, then they got all momentum zapped by the Nets and Raptors.
28 (28) 5-13
Congratulations Emeka Okafor. You are averaging a double-double. No team accomplishment to speak of.
29 (21) 5-12
The top rebounder on the team averages 8.6. Oh yeah, and they have lost three in a row.
30 (30) 7-14
Nate Robinson’s dunk attempt just summarizes this franchise. Lots of talent, and even more stupidity.

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