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NBA Power Rankings for November 27 2006

The NBA is in the final stages of warming up for the proving ground stages of the season. Some teams are out to prove they are for real, while other upstarts will fade back into mediocrity.

Rank (Pv)
1 (1) 12-2
Still leading the NBA’s record race with an astounding 12-2 record, the Jazz are getting close to the “for real” portal.
2 (2) 11-3
Even though they just gave up a game to Dallas, they lead the division. What they should be worried about is Manu Ginobili’s back.
3 (10) 9-4
After that slow start, the Mavs offense has turned it on. One sign of this is Jason Terry’s 3.12 assists per turnover.
4 (6) 10-4
Suddenly the runaway leaders of the Southeast, the Magic could really up their stock Monday against the Jazz.
5 (4) 9-4
Their win against the Clippers gave the ever more popular Lakers the upper hand in a Pacific division that is turning into a dogfight.
6 (9) 9-4
While on a three game win streak to start the month, the Knicks and Grizzlies will soon be replaced on the schedule by the Suns and Cavs.
7 (3) 9-5
Although they fell asleep in the middle of the week, the Cavs have been steady, but now they have to deal with the surging Pistons.
8 (20) 7-6
Amare Stoudemire is back to at least normal playing shape, and his comeback has lit a fuse to the Suns. Their game is open again, watch out.
9 (11) 9-5
Do not get overly excited. The Pistons recent run will likely continue through most of the month, but lots of teams could put together win streaks when they play zero teams with winning records for 3 weeks.
10 (7) 8-6
While they lost twice to Denver this week, everything was set to a pleasant tone when they confidently beat the Jazz, holding 4 starters under 5 points.
11 (12) 8-4
Carmelo Anthony has at least temporarily found a second scoring threat in JR Smith. In fact, they went so well together the Nuggets scored 140 points in a game this week, and no overtimes were involved.
12 (13) 8-6
Slowly dropping out of “for real” contention, they were beaten by the proven powers of Dallas and Phoenix this week.
13 (5) 6-6
When they could have taken a choke hold on the Pacific, they fell to the Lakers and have proceeded to lose three in a row after.
14 (26) 6-6
Three wins are three wins, and the KG company has fought its way back to .500. This moves them up, since they would probably be one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference.
15 (13) 7-5
As long as Kevin Martin can continue scoring 25 points a game, the Kings can stay in the Pacific fight.
16 (24) 6-9
They have tormented the East, while playing mediocre against the West, but Ray Allen is not the only option any more. Chris Wilcox and Luke Ridnour have emerged as solid complimentary players.
17 (14) 7-7
Orlando and Cleveland are excusable losses, but losing to the Raptors is just a failure to concentrate.
18 (15) 5-8
Their continued slide without the injured Richard Jefferson have left them at 5-8 tied with Boston and Philly for the division lead.
19 (16) 5-8
They are 5 games back in the division. Also, they score 91.8 points a game and give up 98.9, the largest losing differential in the NBA.
20 (17) 6-9
Another one of those low end Western teams who look dominant when they play the East.
21 (22) 5-8
While beating Chicago does not mean much right now, holding Ben Wallace scoreless and without a rebound means something, and then win kept them tied for the division lead.
22 (21) 4-9
How do you destroy a team with great skill and strategy? With bad chemistry. Ben Wallace is fighting with Scott Skiles, not good.
23 (18) 5-8
Right after they took two games off to celebrate a 3 game win streak, they mounted a good second half effort to top the Bucks.
24 (23) 5-6
Unfortunately, doing what they are supposed to will land this team in fourth place in the division. They need to overachieve.
25 (19) 4-9
They lost all four games of the week, most against tough opponents, but one to the lowly Grizzlies.
26 (25) 4-9
Injuries have relegated them to the cellar, but at least they are in the cellar of one of the best divisions in basketball.
27 (28) 4-9
See, the Raptors are in the cellar of the worst division the NBA has ever seen.
28 (29) 3-10
Amazingly, they are already getting close to falling out of contention in their division.
29 (30) 3-10
They climb out of the cellar by tripling their win total this week, giving them a grand total of three.
30 (27) 1-8
Hopefully they enjoyed their time out of the cellar, because that loss to the disgruntled Bulls should count for a month.

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MAN! My Mavs still aren’t gettin all the respect they deserve..but it’s OK! I’ll just attribute it to the slow start! They’ll keep it goin to show everybody whats up!

the sad state of the atlantic division “at 5-8 tied …for the division lead.”

Right now I’d rather be watching the surprising Warriors team.  

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