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I officially have a man-crush on Tony Romo, and the momentum he’s brought to this Cowboys team just might be enough to carry them deep into the playoffs.  So, I’m sitting on my couch wishing I hadn’t eaten two plate fulls of food in a period of 15 minutes while at the same time watching my beloved Dallas Cowboys (yes, I’m a Cowboys fan, but please finish reading before you crucify me) thrash the poor Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

 For the past four games I’ve been skeptical about Tony Romo as the “future” of my favorite team. Sure, he has been very solid since his first start posting a 100 passer rating in four games as a starter. He had thrown eight touch down passes. He had efficiently eluded every defense he’s faced thus far as a starter getting sacked fewer than four times in four games behind that offensive line’s sometimes shaky pass protection. He’s revitalized the entire Dallas Cowboys team with the slightly possible exception of Drew Bledsoe (boo hoo).

 But was he really the missing piece that could take the Cowboys to the Super Bowl?

 I was still skeptical until a certain throw he made to Terry Glenn today against the Bucs. It wasn’t a spectacular pass. It wasn’t as flashy as the huge touchdown pass that Romo threw to Glenn in the first quarter. It was just a pass that was extremely well executed by Romo who showed the poise and concentration of a quarterback that really knows what he’s doing and can do it well. He proceeded to compile a stat line that one usually sees next to a name such as Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, or the occasional Carson Palmer among others. Now, don’t get me wrong! I’m not saying that Romo is as good as Manning, Brady, or Palmer, but what I am saying is that what Romo showed me today in combination to his previous four starts is a quarterback that has a special future ahead of him and a possible Super Bowl this season if he keeps up his level of play.

 Romo’s entrance into the starting quarterback roll has not only given the team a stable and reliable offensive anchor, but it has completely risen the level of excitement, desire, and resolve in the entire Cowboys team and coaching staff.

 His athleticism and quick release has given the offensive line an easier job, and it has allowed Jason Witten and/or Julius Jones/Marion Barber to run more routes instead of having to stay behind the line to block nearly every pass play as they had to do with Bledsoe (who, as I’ve been told, has still not been able to get the pigeon droppings out of the cracks in his helmet). Romo’s decision making has allowed more receivers to be involved thereby spreading the ball around resulting in a much more efficient air attack. His youthful enthuisiasm and confidence hasn’t effected his veteren-esque poise and concentration, but has, to the contrary, been another component in energizing the Cowboys on both sides of the ball. He’s been an all around pick-me-up for the Dallas Cowboys, and it may just be enough to get this team to the level necessary to compete for the priviladge of representing the NFC in this year’s Super Bowl.

 Of course, I’m not going to definitively say that the Cowboys are going to make it to the Super Bowl. There are still some potential road blocks along the path. The next four games for the Dallas Cowboys will be the deciding factors. They have to go to the Meadowlands to play their biggest foe for the division title: the NY Giants. They then travel back home to play one of the NFC’s hottest (but not recently) teams in the form of the New Orleans Saints. After that comes the inconsistent yet still dangerous Atlanta Falcons. And finally the last potentially tough opponent they face is the Philadelphia Eagles who have been crushed by the loss of the face and the force of their team. If Romo can successfully guide the Cowboys through the roughest portion of their remaining schedule then they’ll be in great position to get to possibly win the division since they host the lowly Detroit Lions in the final game of the regular season.

 I now have full faith in Tony Romo. Some may say that it’s immature and premature, but I’ve found that the gut feeling I get about some things is suprisingly accurate – Tony Romo has put that feeling in my stomach.

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poll I voted for the Bears just because they are good…but unfortunately my 49ers, who are going to win the super bowl this year, were not on the ballot…otherwise I would’ve chosen them.

Romo He’s good, but I’m still not sold on him just yet. I want to see how he deals when O.T. turns his back on him.

If you really put this in context, this tells us that you can always find diamonds in the rough. Look at Tom Brady for crying out loud. Here’s a guy who didn’t even start at Michigan much, he was a backup to Drew Henson (who can’t even make a practice squad), and he’s already got three rings. Romo has the stuff to be a good quarterback in the NFL, my only question is can he sustain it through a career.

49’ers I may be incorrect, but I sense a tad bit of “homerness” here. lol!

Forgive me for not including your 49’ers. It wasn’t anything soley against the 49’ers. I just didn’t want to include the three 5-5 teams that have a pretty tough chance of getting to the playoffs, much less getting into the Super Bowl. With the Seahawks facing a very manageable schedule and the 49’ers being 1-3 on the road scoring only an avg. of 14ppg on the road in conjunction with four of the last six games on the road it seems tougher for the 49’ers to actually pull ahead of the Hawks for the division. I don’t see the Falcons and Eagles making the playoffs either. Of course, all of that is only my opinion, and that poll is my poll. No hard feeling against the 49’ers. I just don’t see them reaching the playoffs.

Good luck to the 49’ers, though! As I’ve said in my other article’s comments, I like what the 49’ers have done this year on the field and on the sidelines after such a horrible season last year. I look forward to how good they potentially can be next season.

Romo: Romo has surprised everyone so far and the real test will be their next game with the Giants.  If they pull that one off, I may join your excited opinion.  However, I do like the new life he has brought to the team taking a lot of attention away from TO. I would be interested in what you think Parcells will do at the end of the year.  Most were saying he would be leaving, but now after Romo, even Jerry Jones is hoping he stays. What do you think?

romor you need to check your grammar, friend. it is shaky, not shakey.

aside from that, I agree on Romo. He appears, for now, to be the answer for the Cowboys. Simple because he is faster than a rock, which Drew Bledsoe is not. Bledsore did a very good job of making it look like the Cowboy’s O-Line was atrocious, when really he just can’t move. AT ALL.

other than that, your “article” in itself wasn’t that good. You made a few points and strong arguments in the first main paragrpah in stating why Romo has been good up until this point and how effective he has been.

but it wasn’t completely cohesive or well put together, I don’t think.

to kroberts  I appreciate the feed back and criticism, but I don’t know if I should pay much credence to it since you’ve committed several grammatical mistakes and typos in your critique of my writing. I will work to do better in my writing, but I would like criticism with correct grammar and spelling. Otherwise it would be as if someone is telling a me how to fish as he mis-bates the hook, tangles the line, and proceeds to cast in the wrong direction.

Well put! I thought the article was well-written, in a personable way. I enjoyed the writing. I thought it got a bit bunched up in some areas(maybe split some of the paragraphs up some more), but that may have been due to me reading while having work to do in the office.
I totally agree with you on Romo though!
The Giants are dying (PLAXICO has no heart!!!!) and Philly already waved the white flag.
The Bears are STRONG, but D can only get them so far–the offense is highly suspect.
LOL…I liked the respecful, yet combative response to kroberts. You’d think they might have checked their own grammar before harping on yours.

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