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Sorry OSU and Michigan- but the college football season’s still got a few weeks to go….

No sports fans, just because Ohio State-Michigan is over it DOESN’T mean that the college football season is over until January. Alex Ferguson serves up four games that you SHOULD be watching over the Thanksgiving weekend.

Notre Dame’s questionable secondary against  John David Booty, Dwayne Jarrett, Steve Smith. USC’s questionable secondary against the unquestionable skill of Brady Quinn, Jeff Samardzija and Rhema McKnight. The winner- by all possibility- goes to the National Championship Game. This, my friends, is must-see viewing.

Prediction: USC by 7


If LSU is to win this game, they’ll have to hope that QB DeMarcus Russell plays better on the road than he normally does.  The Tigers have got the speed both ways to cause Arkansas problems, and are a lot better than their ranking suggests. And the Razorbacks? Since they were destroyed at home to USC, the defense has been stout, and they’ve beaten SEC powerhouses all season long. Running backs Darren McFadden and Felix Jones have been causing problems to SEC defences this year. The only question for the Hogs is QB Mitch Mustain. Will he wilt under the pressure of the Tigers’ blitz? This’ll go the wire.

LSU by 2


Yeah, yeah, we know. Florida are battling to get back into the National Championship game while Florida State are battling to finish the season with some semblance of self-respect. While we expect two speedy defences, Dallas Baker and Andre Caldwell are going to rip the State defense in two. This could get ugly- unless, of course, Florida’s offense turns it over as much as they did in the loss to Auburn.

Florida by 21


If you love rivalries, then make sure you see this one. One, you get to see Calvin Johnson, one of the best wide receivers in college football, in one of his last games for Tech. Two, we might see if Georgia QB Matt Stafford can stand the pressure of a ravenous Tech defense. And three, if UGA beat Georgia Tech they’ll have had the satisfaction of beating both of their biggest rivals. Sadly for the Bulldogs, Georgia Tech may not bring out their best team, considering the ACC Championship game’s coming up and a BCS place beckons.
And fourthly — if you get bored — you can always count the amount of smashed sorority chicks and/or idiots in coloured jeans. That’s why we love Southern football, people!

Georgia Tech by 5


Smell the hatred. Smell the bourbon. Look for a fight, and you’ll find it when these two get together. Sometimes it’s on the pitch itself, sometimes it’s in the stands. But this is a monster for all people that care about football in South Carolina. For the record, the Gamecocks have flattered to deceive for most of the season, blowing countless opportunities against Florida, Tennessee and Arkansas. Clemson should have been creamed at Wake Forest, but came back for an excellent victory. Watch out for South Carolina’s gamebreaker Sidney Rice and Clemson’s James Davis, who are both downright filthy.

Clemson by 3

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Overall Good article but there are still some errors.  They are errors that could have easily been prevented.  You spelled defense wrong in the Florida State Florida part.  Also, in the LSU section you used are instead of is.  Still errors, but not as bad as last time.  That is why I abstained.  Good Luck!

Not too bad I like the article, but for the reasons mentioned above, I also abstained.

Plus, you’re leaving out Sports Illustrated’s most underrated matchup…

Clemson/South Carolina.

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