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A Sports Medley…….The Thanksgiving Edition

by Trevor Freeman

Everybody takes the Friday after Thanksgiving off from work.  To me, that is just a waste of a vacation day.  You see, no work actually gets done on the Friday after Thanksgiving, so you might as well just show up and sit like a corpse in your seat until the powers that be let you out early.  PLUS, you save the vacation day which can now be dropped at a time when there is a lot going on.  Just trust me on this.  

While killing some time at work and with a pile of thoughts floating around in my head, it is time to come with my third Sports Medley.  We shall dub this version the “The Thanksgiving Special”…
  14.  Is there anything better than coming home from the bars blasted on Wednesday night, flipping on “South Park” and finding out it is the Thanksgiving episode that incorporated the words “Timmy” and “Gobbles” into our regular vocabulary?  Nothing upsets me more than the fact that I don’t have a friend named “Timmy”.

  13.  Hopefully the Cubs kept the receipt on the “30-year old” Alfonso Soriano.    

  12.  You gotta take your hat off to the great fans of the Indiana Hoosiers.  Immediately after viewing their loss to Butler, I typed the words into my web browser and there it was.  If you were the school president, why wouldn’t you bring back Bobby Knight?  It is clear to everybody who follows college basketball, that the fans of this team will not be happy with anybody else at the wheel.  

  11.  Did you hear that sound?  It’s the Madison Square Garden executives jumping out the window when they realized that the primetime NIT Final tonight would be a matchup between Gonzaga and Butler.  

  10.  I’ll be honest.  I was pumped to watch Joey Harrington bend Detroit over.  It doesn’t make up for the A’s losing there in the ALCS, but it helps.

  9.  Let’s see… the Red Sox bid $51 million to sign Daisuke Matsuzaka and they’ll spend at least $40 million over 4 years to sign him.  So essentially they just gave a guy who has thrown zero major league pitches $91 million over 4 years.  I have to say that this makes infinitely more sense than signing Barry Zito to a five year $75 million deal.

  8.  Just as a note, I’m onboard with the A’s signing Barry Bonds.  I have no problem with it; I think he could flourish as a DH in the American League.  There’s no reason why he couldn’t be this season’s Frank Thomas.

  7.  Great move by ESPN2 to come with a full day of college hoops on Thanksgiving.  I know I was flipping to the Southern Illinois-Arkansas game while the franchise that Matt Millen ruined was getting drilled.

  6.  I would love to see Notre Dame beat USC this weekend and toss a huge monkey wrench into the BCS.  This year could put us one step closer to the playoff system we all want.

  5.  Larry Coker getting fired this morning was one of the five most predictable things in recent sports history.

  4.  Item #3 on my Christmas list is a hard copy of O.J. Simpson’s “If I Killed Her, This Is How I Would Have Done It.”

  3.  I think we all need to slow down on this Dallas Cowboys might be the best team in the NFC talk.  They lost to the Redskins 19 days ago and two of their last three wins came against Tampa Bay and Arizona.

  2.  If the Detroit Lions have to play on Thanksgiving, would anybody object to their game being the night one on the NFL network?    

  1.  I wrote this article because I wanted to have the following in writing for my archives.  Matt Bouldin, the freshman on Gonzaga with the goofy hair is going to go in the top five of some NBA Draft in the next three years.  I can see why he is getting a ton of hype.  Smart move by him to go with the goofy hair as well.  He made himself very noticeable on the court for all the pro scouts while he was eating Carolina’s lunch for 40 minutes.

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10 replies on “A Sports Medley…….The Thanksgiving Edition”

i hate Barry Bonds, but I guess I’d be okay with him coming to the A’s just because he’d be even MORE helpful than Thomas was last year.

Dem Cowboys! They’re one of the top 3 teams in the NFC…I won’t call em the best until they beat the shitty G-Women next week, then until they beat Da Bears in the NFC championship…
Sure the Cards and the Bucs aren’t great….but the Bucs have been hangin tight with EVERYBODY…and those GREAT PANTH

Dem Cowboys! They’re one of the top 3 teams in the NFC…I won’t call em the best until they beat the shitty G-Women next week, then until they beat Da Bears in the NFC championship…
Sure the Cards and the Bucs aren’t great….but the Bucs have been hangin tight with EVERYBODY…and those GREAT PANTHERS didn’t seem like much of a match up…
What we all fail to realize…is that when the Cowboys sucked balls…it was Bledsoe holding the sack

Bonds If Barry Bonds cares at all about winning a ring, he’ll sign with Oakland for the 1 year and 10 million we’ll probably offer.  He could play 130 games at DH and I guarantee he would hit 45 homers.  He has the Billy Beane stat as he had a .462 OBP last season.  I’m talked into it.  And you know what, I’m willing to take all the baggage if it helps us to win a World Series, because quite frankly this coming close yet losing in the playoffs is beginning to drive me completely insane.

I can give you Top Three The Bears I think are better and I am still in the camp that Carolina’s A-game is the best in the NFC.  People forget the Panthers while at 6-4, are 6-2 when Steve Smith plays.

Barry Bonds as a DH and in the American League scares the shit outta me as a Yankee fan…he’ll demolish every pitcher he faces…even if he does pick and choose when he plays…
The A’s couldn’t possibly go wrong signing him..he’d be the perfect fit at that DH…Frank Thomas wouldn’t even be a memory

The Cowboys I would rank them in third right now.  I think they are slightly behind Carolina.  That being said, Tony Romo is doing a lot of Tom Brady like things right now.

well…. I can appreciate you holding them at 3…but the Boys did make the Panthers their biyatchs in that 35-14 romping…
The great, and healthy, Steve Smith rounded up 55 yards as well…the Cowboys have always seemed to have his #…

It’s a no-brainer The A’s and Bonds are a marriage waiting to happen.  We have the gaping hole at DH.  I wouldn’t even bother with Cliff Floyd and Mike Piazza (even though I do like the both of them as a DH in the AL).  Bonds is the guy.  You put him between Milton Bradley and Eric Chavez and those two guys become even more dangerous hitters.  It makes too much sense.  Who cares if everybody else in baseball hates him?  If you are the A’s you have to make the move that makes the team better.  Bonds is clearly a guy that could put the A’s over the hump.

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