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NBA Power Rankings for November 20 2006

With a week of road trips, the West certainly solidified itself as the better conference, thrashing Eastern teams wherever the games were played.

Rank (Pv)
1 (1) 9-1
They pulled out a tough victory in three OTs over the Suns, and young point guard Deron Williams is rising to prominence.
2 (2) 8-2
Consistency reigns supreme as they lead their division over several cooling upstarts.
3 (4) 7-3
With Detroit and Chicago struggling, LeBron and company have a two game lead in what appeared to be a formidable division.
4 (5) 7-3
They pulled off a big win over Chicago last night with Kobe scoring just 18 points. When Kobe is fully healthy, this team could be deadly.
5 (3) 6-2
Corey Maggette is really producing off the bench, and Elton Brand isn’t doing too bad either.
6 (18) 7-3
24-21. Dwight Howard’s double-double numbers against Charlotte. Enough said.
7 (12) 7-3
Monta Ellis set numerous career highs, including points and assists in leading this new name team over Seattle on Saturday.
8 (13) 7-3
Talk about streaky, after winning their first four and losing the next three, they went 3-0 this past week.
9 (6) 6-4
They had just 15 assists total in a loss to the Pistons. This team needs to move the ball a little more.
10 (11) 5-4
They have won five in a row, but are still fourth in a monster division.
11 (15) 5-5
Hovering at .500, Richard Hamilton is carrying this offense, and will need some help to catch LeBron’s division leading Cavs.
12 (24) 4-4
I once said that they cannot rely on Anthony to win the games by himself. I was wrong.
13 (10) 5-4
The defense is great, but the object of the game is still to score more than the opponent, something they did not do this week.
14 (14) 5-5
They have exactly nobody on the Top 20 scoring list, nor the top 10 lists of FG percentage, rebounds or assists. They are the only team that can say that, but they are .500. More power to them.
15 (7) 5-4
Even in a contract year, Vinsanity cannot make up for injuries and the lack of a low post defense.
16 (9) 4-5
No Shaq means more defense on Wade, and that means less points, not a minor problem for a team already averaging just 89 a game.
17 (20) 5-6
After a much needed win against New Jersey to put them back on track, Zach Randolph’s gang needs to step it up if they want to think about beating San Antonio tonight.
18 (28) 4-6
The young players around Pierce are suddenly supporting him more than adequately. Ryan Gomes had 2 double digit rebound games this week, Sebastian Telfair is getting his assists up, and the Celts have won three in a row.
19 (19) 4-5
Frankly, it is hard to figure out what Gilbert Arenas has to do to get this team over .500.
20 (17) 3-6
One of only 2 teams scoring over 107 points per game. However, they are the only team giving up 107.9.
21 (8) 3-7
Ben Gordon has been inconsistent, and so the big scoring threat has not been there, something they need to compliment Big Ben Wallace and their crafty backcourt.
22 (21) 4-5
Two tough losses to teams from the West have them below .500 and sinking in the East.
23 (16) 4-4
Suddenly those close games they were winning are turning into Ls.
24 (22) 4-7
It is no coincidence the Sonics win streak came on a trip East. Don’t expect many good streaks out West.
25 (25) 3-7
Injuries are plaguing this team, and Redd might need to have a couple of those 50+ nights for this team to stay afloat.
26 (23) 3-6
It took a Peja buzzer beater for the Hornets to defeat this resilient but undermanned team.
27 (30) 4-7
They cannot say they really earned their way out of the cellar, but more like they got kicked out, much like Isaiah.
28 (27) 2-7
A disastrous road trip out west landed them in the bottom of the Atlantic division, not an easy feat of futility.
29 (29) 2-7
Hey! Emeka Okafor is suddenly scoring up to his potential! Now where did everyone else go?
30 (26) 1-8
This is what you get when Chucky Atkins is your leading scorer.

4 replies on “NBA Power Rankings for November 20 2006”

oh come on Celtics rise 10 spots for beating Indiana, NY and Portland?  That team is terrible and the only reason they aren’t in last place is because the Atlantic Division is worse than the Big East.

Utah #1 Love the Jazz.  They have versatile big men who can spread the floor and make defenders respect their shooting abilities, they have a point guard who can score and loves to distribute the ball.  And Utah plays excellent defense, both individually and collectively.  Jerry Sloan is one of the best coaches in the league and he keeps his team mentally focused the entire 48 minutes, allowing them to be on the winning side of close games.  Throw a well-rounded Andrei Kirilenko into the mix when he gets healthy and that adds up to a championship caliber team.  

Surprising to see Dallas only move up one spot after winning three in a row since the last rankings; six in a row overall.  They are obviously a better team than what their record indicates.  The game Friday in San Antonio will provide a good litmus test for the Mavericks.

Celtics rose not just because of their acheivement but because look who they passed. All of those teams are either worse than the Celtics or are severely underacheiving. The C’s weren’t necessarily worthy of rising ten spots, but they had to be put ahead of those teams.

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