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Taking in a game in the lion’s den

Back in August my sister’s boyfriend, now fiancée bought me tickets for the Jets-Patriots game in Foxboro. At first I thought to myself, why would I want to drive over three hours to see the helpless Jets get shellacked by New England IN THEIR STADIUM? At around 10:45 in the morning my father and me ventured outside the five-star establishment of the Comfort Suites in Foxboro to meet my sister and her fiancée. It was drizzling at the time, which made me and my father worry. Why were we worried? Well we had standing room only tickets, so we weren’t too thrilled at the idea of standing for three hours in the rain.

As the time got closer and closer to 11 am, it began to rain harder and harder. So here I was in Foxboro, Massachusetts in the pouring rain, awaiting a game that I believed my team had no shot at winning. Finally, at 11am my sister arrived and we headed off on our five-mile journey (please keep this in mind) to Gillette Stadium.

As we entered US-Route 1 we begin seeing people walking along the sides of the road to the stadium that we couldn’t even see yet. My father and me were absolutely bamboozled as to why people would walk miles in the pouring rain to see a football game. Then we got to the entrance of the parking lot.

Now let me say this, I am from New York and have dealt with my fair share of traffic jams, but the scene I encountered could only rival that of NYC when the President is in town. We were sitting for what seemed like an eternity. And why were we sitting so long? Because of tents. TENTS!

I am all for tailgating and enjoying the pre-game atmosphere, but this was absurd. Tents were in the middle of the lanes in the parking lot so there was literally only one way into where we had to park. On this route to our parking spot we had to drive under people’s tents!! Absolute madness I tell you. Me, my sister’s fiancée, my father and my sister all had the same thought: we will never say anything bad about Giants Stadium again.

Finally, at 11:50 we were able to park our car and set up shop for our truncated tailgating. Remember what I said before? This was a five-mile journey that took fifty-minutes to complete, absolutely ridiculous. And how much was it to park in this lovely lot? Thirty-Five dollars!! The ticket for the game was fifty dollars, and we paid thirty-five just to park our car. Foxboro made New York look cheap which I think is quite impressive.

Okay I am done bashing the parking lot, now I am going to move on to bigger and better things.

Of course everyone knows how this game went. The Jets played a physical well-controlled game. Mangini appeared to out-fox his former mentor (who I will not mention by name) and the players definitely seemed like they wanted this game.

I will give credit to Patriots fans. They are really good fans and were very accepting of my allegiance to the Jets. When there was a third down every fan was on their feet making as much noise as they possibly could. I will say that except for third down you don’t hear to much from them, but overall I thought the crowd was very passionate.

Although I thought they had a great crowd the New England Patriots are home to the worst chant (if you want to call it that). When the Patriots get a first down the announcer says, “That is a 12 yard gain good enough for a Patriots…” at which time the crowd yells “FIRST DOWN!” This is right up there with the Pistons “DEEEETROIT BAAASKETBAAAALLLL” on my scale of annoying and idiotic chants.

Knock the J-E-T-S chant all you want, it’s not nearly as bad a chant as the two mentioned above. Every time they would do the “First Down” thing I literally thought I was going to throw up. It was annoying and not at all creative. The worst thing a fan base can do is start a completely unoriginal, idiotic chant.

Overall it wasn’t the most exciting game, but its always fun to watch two teams battle in horrible weather. The field looked like it was in terrible shape. To be honest I thought this would help the Jets. Hell, if the Jets front seven can’t stop a rushing attack maybe mother nature could. The Patriots still ran for over 145 yards but 55 of those came on one run by Corey Dillon.

The Jets showed a lot this game and so did the Patriots. The Jets showed that playing smart and doing the best with what you have can help you win games. What did the Patriots show? They showed they are beatable. Teams are no longer going to be afraid to go into Foxboro like I think they were before this year. The Pats are now 2-3 at home and look to be a little lost.

To me the Patriots seem like they have lost something. Maybe that is because other teams (including the Jets) are starting to copy the identity the Patriots had that helped them win 3 Super Bowls in four years. It just seemed like the Patriots haven’t been playing with enough passion lately and that is why I think they lost the Indy game. I know the players care, but am I the only one who sees something  other than talent missing from this team?

We’ll see what happens in the coming weeks. The AFC East is no longer a one-horse show; the Patriots are now forced to pay attention to the Jets. In closing let me thank all Patriots fans for being extremely welcoming and making my experience in Foxboro enjoyable. I just wish you guys could design a parking lot that wasn’t designed for a horse and buggy, but I am sure you’ll sort that out in the next 50 years.

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Diehard Jets Fan Even though we’re pretty much going to get our teeth kicked in this week, I still like our chances.

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