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College Football Week 11 Thoughts

Why not Rutgers?
Before the their upset over Louisville there was talk that the Cardinals, after beating West Virginia the week before, would be in the BCS championship game if they got past Rutgers and ran the table.

So now that the Scarlet Knights are the Big East’s only undefeated team why are people saying that the conference’s chances of a national championship have died? Rutgers knocked-off Louisville and if they run the table they could throw a huge monkey wrench into the BCS.

If you are a BCS hater then you need to become a Scarlet Knights fan.If not Rutgers then who?
Auburn, Cal, Texas and almost Florida all stepped up this weekend to tell the world that they are not BCS championship worthy. So, who will be there to play Ohio State or Michigan?

First, it won’t be Ohio State or Michigan. I’m sorry Big 10 fans but the loser is out. It makes the game that much more intriguing this weekend so enjoy the spotlight why it lasts.

Here are the Candidates for Glendale;
USC – Lost to unranked Oregon State.
Florida – Lost to Auburn.
Notre Dame – Lost to Michigan
Rutgers – Currently undefeated.
Arkansas – Lost to USC.

Now this is where the fun begins. Notre Dame or USC will be disqualified after they play each other in two weeks. Florida or Arkansas will be disqualified after the SEC Championship game. Rutgers may not make it even if they go undefeated. It’s going to be a fun finish!

Didn’t see this one coming!
In a case of what have you done for me lately the winningest coach in Iowa State football history resigned last Thursday. Dan McCarney had taken the Cyclones to five bowl games in the last seven years but couldn’t overcome a bad season this year.

My question is what was ISU thinking? In my opinion they won’t find a better coach than McCarney. They are a Big 12 school in the heart of Big 10 country and they are little brother in the state. McCarney’s five bowl games are more than all the previous coaches combined. Maybe he didn’t get the program to the “next level” but he did get it to a level it had never been before.

Upset Weekend
Watching the BCS contenders fall this weekend was unreal. I can’t remember a shake up weekend that was bigger than this one. First Auburn went down to Georgia on their home field. The Tigers didn’t just lose they were dominated! Next up was Cal who could have been looking ahead to USC next week. The Bears gave up an early 17-3 lead to lose 24-20 to Arizona. Finally, the defending national champions are out of the mix after their 45-42 debacle in Manhattan, KS. The Colt McCoy excuse doesn’t work here for the Longhorns either because he didn’t play defense. Texas scored 42 points which should have been more than enough to win.

Name a street after him and let him go.
It’s time to name the street in front of the football stadium Bobby Bowden Lane and send the guy into retirement. Florida State hasn’t been the same since the 2000 season when they lost to Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl with the national championship on the line. You’ve had a good run Bobby but it’s time to let go.

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