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Saints of a City

Nobody in this country could have been unhappy when they saw the score of the Monday Night Football game rolling across their screen this morning. The New Orleans Saints routed the Atlanta Falcons 23-3, moving to 3-0 with a great defense and special teams performance. How could anyone not feel good for the Saints?        Lots of people would be feeling really bad about now if Saints owner Tom Benson moved the team like he threatened to after Hurricane Katrina severely damaged the Louisiana Superdome. However, since he would have rightly earned the title of the cruelest man in America had he done so, the team was kept in New Orleans.
    Benson, afraid of losing money on his professional football team in these dwindling years of his life, has made it known that the Saints presence in New Orleans is by no means assured. He should be ashamed of himself for those comments, and by some miracle, the world is making it impossible for him to move this team.
    After Katrina devastated the area, the Saints played on the road and in LSU’s Tiger Stadium last season. Then, with the team’s future in jeopardy, the NFL helped the Superdome rebuild. Quarterback Drew Brees left his discontented spot with the Chargers and decided to come to New Orleans.
    Finally, in April, the city that had sheltered many evacuees, Houston, offered yet another gift. Via the most moronic draft pick in NFL history, the Houston Texans, headed by the soon to be fired Charley Casserly, let Reggie Bush slip by. With the number two pick in the draft, the New Orleans Saints drafted their financial and morale savior.
    Reggie Bush, the most exciting player to come out of college since Michael Vick, immediately embraced his role as the young superstar for a franchise trying to lift an entire city back to its glorious reputation. He has since used his time and money to lift spirits of locals and rebuild a football stadium for local high schools. His merchandise sales alone should appease Tom Benson for any losses he may have suffered.
    Star wide receiver Joe Horn did a great interview in which he expressed his sensitivity to the city of New Orleans and its people. He has tried his hardest to boost morale through the team and is a class act for staying on board.
    New coach Sean Payton has this team playing disciplined, and has brought a change to help this team deal with this situation.
    Monday, the Superdome reopened to the NFL, kicking off with U2, Green Day and the Goo Goo Dolls. ESPN basically relocated its headquarters to the devastated area for a day, and once again, New Orleans was a hot spot. U2 sang their hit, Beautiful Day, a perfect song for Monday night in New Orleans.
    Anybody who does not wish this inspired Saints team simply does not have a heart. To think that the owner views this team as simply a financial investment is ludicrous. They are leading their division, undefeated and riding high. While they may not make the playoffs, their improbable start and amazing luck has shifted the eyes of an entire region from despair to the hope of the future.
    The fact is, the Saints are beacon of light for millions of people. Victims of Katrina can come together in a stadium or in front of a television to see a public representation of themselves: heroes amazingly weathering a storm with the world against them. The levees may yet break on top of the Saints this season, but they have proven they have the spirit and will to carry on.

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The Saints The Saints are a stout football team. They have GREAT running game, balanced air game, and a good D. Their special teams is also a high point for their squad.
I really don’t see why everybody still sees this team as an underdog. They beat a solid Cleveland team, a decent Green Bay, and a HIGHLY overrated, but good Atlanta team.
Drew Brees is the type QB who doesn’t make mistakes and doesn’t crack (in a figurative sense, not literal) under pressure. Deuce and Reggie are the ideal 2-headed RB, and Colston and Horn are as solid as it gets at W/T.
This Saints squad will go far this year as long as the media doesn’t start a bandwagon..

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