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My letter to larry brown

Dear Mr. Brown,

I would first like to say congratulations for being the only coach to ever win a championship in college and professional basketball.  That is quite a feat.  There is no doubt in the basketball community that you have earned everyone’s respect for what you have done on and off of the basketball court.  You have a great ability to go into a situation with a franchise and be able to make incredible turnarounds through your coaching philosophy.  Sometimes you don’t have all-stars on your team, but you are able to get the best out of the players you have.  You have over 1,000 wins as an NBA coach, and quite possibly could be one of the greatest coaches of all time.  You weren’t given superstars to work with that often like Phil Jackson was (Jordan, Pippen, Shaq, and Kobe) but in places like Philadelphia, Indiana, and Detroit you managed to teach a team concept and got those teams to win.  However, it is with great regret for me to inform you that you are a jerk!
What has transpired with you and Stephon Marbury is downright junior high girl fighting.  “Well go back and look, I’ve never left a team in worse shape than when I got it.”  How old are you?  I’ve seen more maturity at Chuck E Cheese.  Aren’t you the Head Coach of a professional basketball team? Don’t you think that bickering and media fighting is beneath you?  Aren’t you aware that you have become what you dislike? You just absolutely threw your star point guard under the bus because you have failed at coaching the New York Knicks this season.  Make all of the excuses that you want, Isiah Thomas is a horrible GM, we have no draft picks, you don’t trust rookies, you have a log jam at guard…you failed.  Like the old saying goes, players win, coaches lose.  

I think we have finally found the true side of you Larry Brown.  It all started with the Olympic team and the absolute debacle that it was in 2004.  I’m sorry I will not buy the fact that a group of all-star millionaires who play against the greatest competition in the world every night, and bust their butts every night couldn’t find cohesion in 2 weeks anymore.  I blame you Larry Brown.  You may have the biggest ego of anyone in the NBA.  Okay maybe Kobe does.  But you sat guys like Lebron, Carmelo, Amare…to play guys like Stephon Marbury and Allen Iverson?  If memory serves me correctly didn’t you have a serious problem with both of those guys?  Bronze medal is all you could do with those guys huh?

You won a championship with Detroit before the Olympics and then came back to coach the Pistons back to the NBA Finals and lost in 7 to the San Antonio Spurs.  Then you did a really cool thing and weaseled your way out of the deal you signed with Joe Dumars so you could coach your hometown New York Knicks.  Now the Detroit Pistons are poised to show the world that it was not Larry Brown that made the Pistons good, it is the Pistons who are good.  Did you leave some sour grapes in Detroit or what?  Apparently your former team didn’t appreciate you being a jerk and leaving town with some unfinished business.

Now you decide to throw your point guard under the bus and in the process make yourself look like a complete jerk.  It might be me but I always thought that coaches were supposed to teach team unity, sportsmanship, and try to find leaders on their team to buy into what they are trying to coach.  I would not be surprised if some guys wouldn’t want to play for you because you obviously don’t respect any of your own players.  You don’t need to go out into the media and make this a personal issue with Stephon.  He is a good player, you are a great coach, I think that you guys could have worked this out like men.  I don’t blame Stephon for acting like he is acting.  He is a star player who has had a really bad run of it, he is very talented and obviously passionate about winning.  Your job as a coach is to try and teach the game to him and try to figure a way to utilize his talents to win basketball games.

I may not know the behind the scene’s stuff, like maybe he threatened you or said something about your momma.  But for the sake of coaches out their like myself, you really need to be the bigger person in a situation like this.  I can’t believe that I am giving a man who could be my grandfather advice, but honestly what you did was disgraceful to coaching.  


An Avid Fan  

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Larry not coaching the right way Thank you for taking the time to bash one of the most overrated coaches of all time. Yes he is a great coach who can usually get the most out of his teams and is a definite Hall of Famer. But his inability to stay anywhere for a certain length of time, burning bridges with people along the way and his total stubborness to only do things his way are major failings on his part. His Olympic debacle and the way he left Detroit are huge blemishes on his resume. I got so sick of hearing about “playing the right way” in the 2004 NBA Finals, maybe Brown should heed his own advice and treat people and organizations the right way.

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