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I hail from the media crazed town of Boston and am perplexed as to the reason Paul Pierce gets such a bad rap.  If any true fan of the NBA, the few that remain out there, could answer my inquisition, I would appreciate it.

Has there ever been a time during his career where Paul Pierce has gone to Danny Ainge, director of basketball operations, or Chris Wallace, former GM now involved with scouting, and asked to be traded?


Does anyone remember the incident that took place back in September of 2000? Pierce was stabbed in a night club and nearly lost his life. Only to comeback two months later and be ready for opening night. Give the guy a break. If any of us went through what Pierce experienced, we would be out of town faster than Andy Marte. Was Pierce looking to be traded?


Has Paul Pierce ever complained about his contract? Has he ever complained about needing more dough so he could “feed his family” or that he felt disrespected by the amount he was getting paid?


Has Paul Pierce ever gone out and dogged it for a season, or at least half a season ala Vince Carter in Toronto and Baron Davis while with the Hornets?


Pierce, arguably more than any player in the league, has gone through countless amounts of BS while in the league. He’s most likely sick and tired of being in rebuilding mode, for the second time in his eight years I might add. Most players in Pierce’s situation would be annoyed with these high school children coming into his organization and being posterized as the future of his franchise. But he doesn’t complain. The big knock on Pierce is that he isn’t the type of player that can be a leader on the floor. So what. He hasn’t had to be the leader. Where is it written in stone that your best player has to be the emotional and mental leader on the team.

When Pierce came into the league he had Antoine Walker. Walker is more vocal, open and able to be a vocal leader. Pierce is one to lead by example. Last time I checked Paul Pierce was the leading scorer in the NBA for the month of February, around 33 ppg. I’m sure everyone caught the last game before the all-star break against Bron-Bron and the Cavs, where Pierce dropped 50 points grabbed 7 boards and had 8 dimes. The Celts still lost. But it was Pierce’s fault, right?

Paul Pierce leads the Celtics in points per game (26.8), assists (4.6), steals (1.43) and rebounds (7.0) and people are so quick to blame Pierce as the reason why the Celts are 10 games under .500 (23-33) and are 5 1/2 games back of the final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. So the obvious solution is to go ahead and trade your best player for a couple first round draft picks that will, given the recent history of Boston’s drafts, turn into more high schoolers. Right?

You obviously must not recall the infamous 1997 NBA Draft, the year in which the Celitcs were the worst team in the league and should have gotten Timmy Duncan with the number one pick. (Oh what could have been. Having Duncan in green. Surely numbers 17 and 18 would be hanging in the Garden by now). I digress. Boston ended up the the 3rd (Chauncy Billups) and

sixth (Ron Mercer) picks and those guys were out the door quicker than Rick Pitino even seemingly gave them a chance.

The real problem is the enigma that is Danny Ainge. Danny the Dealer has made so many inexplicable deals I don’t know where to start. Ainge doesn’t even know what next week will bring or even tomorrow for that matter. As far as I know ‘Tonie will be back for his third go-around and Ricky Davis will be back dunking and entertaining the Get Buckets Brigade. Who knows maybe even Danny will strap em on and suit up for the Celtics. Hey, that might not be such a bad thing. Maybe he’d go out and trade himself. I mean, you can’t trade GM’s can you?

There’s an idea.

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a few problems there were some gramatical errors in this story and you definitely should’ve given the article a more creative title but I agree with your main points.  Paul Pierce is a great player and he is wasting away in Boston

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