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Man on a Rant: February Rumblings

Welcome to this week in ranting.  It’s been a while, but here’s how this works:

Step 1.
Sports happen.

Step 2.
I watch them.

Step 3.
I react.  Angrily.

Enjoy the fireworks.

-Curling is amazing, and hypnotically addictive. No really, I mean it. It’s curltastically curltastic, and anyone who thinks otherwise is a communist.  There, I said it.-You know how video games have a built in program that roughly evaluates trade value so you can’t make a ridiculous trade with the computer? Methinks it’s time to buy Isaiah a copy of NBA 2006 so he can learn by example. On a related note, I think it’s only fair that NBA 2007 stick to reality and have the computer-based Knicks willing to accept any and all trades.

-Reason 271 to love Philadelphia: The 76ers are now offering a guns-for-tickets exchange program. You give them a gun, they give you some tickets to see the Sixers. This would have been a fantastic idea in 2001, but I can honestly say that watching this year’s Sixers makes me seriously consider PURCHASING a gun.

-Apparently there’s debate over whether or not the Cleveland faithful should have booed their Basketball Savior, Lebron James, after his horrendous performance in the second half of a recent game with Washington. Now, as a Philly native, I know a little something about booing… and you’re insane if you think Lebron didn’t deserve booing that fateful Friday eve. Sure, he’s an amazing talent who’s third in the league in scoring, and of course there’s the perception that he’d bolt town if he feels sleighted, but riddle me this: is he cheered when he does well? Yes. So isn’t it only fair that he gets jeered when he stinks up the joint? 0-8 from the floor? 8 missed shots from the charity stripe? The man deserved booing! Or maybe the fans should have chipped in some money for some milk and cookies to comfort their poor millionaire of a mega-star.

-Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of the combine. Sick of it. I don’t care how many reps a guy did, I don’t care if a guy flunked his Wonderlic, hell, don’t care if he’s borderline retarded as long as he can play the game of football. Are you trying to tell me that there’s THAT much information gained from a few workouts? The biggest joke, of course, is the brouhaha made over the 40 times of running backs and receivers. Scouts and NFL nuts everywhere start going ballistic when so-and-so’s 40 time isn’t quite what they expected, or immediately vault people to the top of their draft board based on a few hundreths of a second… but the players aren’t even running in pads! Are you seriously trying to tell me that how a guy runs in a straight line when not wearing equipment actually is indicative of whether he’s actually faster than a guy who’s .02 slower in a similar run? No, no, a thousand times no. Stop making something out of nothing.

End rant, over and out.

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