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Whatever Your Take on Kobe- There’s No Denying His Game is Sick

Los Angles Lakers star Kobe Bryant scored 81 points last night in a convincing win vs. the Toronto Raptors.


Let me say it again:
Los Angles Lakers star Kobe Bryant scored 81 points last night in a convincing win vs. the Toronto Raptors.

Yes, you just read that statement correctly BOTH times. Kobe did put up 81, 2nd only to Wilt, and the Lakers did win again, making their record 22-19.

You all probably knew that anyways, it has been all over ESPN and its million partners all day long becoming so over-aired sports fans may be sick of it already. So now we can all put the past behind us and start looking into the next chapter of Kobe Bryant’s illustrious career.
Let’s all give a warm hand to the icon of the NBA, Mr. Bryant himself. Icon you say? How could that be? Kobe Bryant is the same person who committed adultery and single-handedly tore apart the Lakers franchise isn’t he?

Yes he is. But Bryant is also more than that. Take for example the three Championships he has won since joining the NBA straight out of high school. How about the Slam Dunk contest he won? Kobe even has his own shoe line which premiers this February. Sounds similar to the route Michael Jordan took and yet there are still people who will try to tell me he is a bad influence for the NBA.

OK, so he has had his problems on and off the court, who doesn’t these days? This kind of thing happens in every sport but because the incidents involve the name Kobe Bryant, everything gets blown out of proportion.

Lets do a little comparing and contrasting shall we? It will be fun we can all pretend we are in high school again listening to our boring English teachers.

Compare: Kobe Bryant vs. Lawrence Taylor, better known as LT.

Last time I checked, I think it was pretty obvious that LT’s life off the football field is about as bad as it can get for any human being. Kobe Bryant wouldn’t even have game with LT. However, ask anyone who one of the greatest football players in the history are, specifically linebackers, and I bet almost 95% of the responses would be LT. He is one of the many icons of the NFL; as is Kobe Bryant with the NBA, yet people always seem to forget to mention the cocaine problems he encountered off the gridiron. The same will happen for Kobe. As the years pass, more and more of the bad will be forgotten while the good will be ever more blown out of proportion. LT won Super Bowls with the Football Giants and Kobe has won Championships with the Lakers.

Contrast: Kobe and LT.

LT had his obvious problems with cocaine, girls, partying, etc. off the field while Kobe had his off-field problems with the girl he committed adultery with. Both have feuded with players and coaches but who doesn’t? Obviously Kobe’s problems have been more severe with Phil Jackson and former teammate Shaquille O’Neal while LT’s problems with players and head coach Bill Parcels were kept under better control by the Giants front office.

Now back to reality. Does it ever occur to anyone that Kobe Bryant is playing the same kind of basketball Michael Jordan did? Does it ever occur to you while you put down Kobe, you are basically then putting down the greatest player in NBA history (Jordan)?

Kobe, when it’s all said and done, will be the greatest player in NBA history, in front of Jordan. Write it down right now on a napkin or a scrap piece of paper. I, Colin Cerniglia, 16 years old, am predicting Kobe Bryant will be the greatest player in NBA history.

It makes sense all too easily if you think about it. Kobe Bryant plays for the Los Angels Lakers, who come to think about it, seem to have eerily similar success stories to that of the New York Yankees. They win Championships like it is their job. It will continue to be like that for years to come whether NBA fans like it or not because it is so easy to build around Kobe Bryant, I mean the kid already has 3 Championships, and he’s only 27 years old! Bring back a guy like Phil Jackson who can marinate a young team and turn them into a powerhouse, that kind of formula equals success in any sport.

It has already started to happen. While 22-19 is really not up to par with records of the great Lakers’ teams of the past, given the circumstances, I don’t think any Lakers fans are complaining about the way Phil Jackson has started to turn the franchise back around.
The Lakers have had some very convincing wins this season thus far vs. playoff caliber teams. Last year it seemed as if they could never pull off a win when they needed, especially against a tough opponent. Jackson knows what he is doing out there; after all he is the “Zen Master”. Just like Joe Paterno with Penn State, or Bobby Cox with the Atlanta Braves, these guys know how to win no matter the situation.

There will be no Championship in Los Angeles this season but my “bold prediction” is the Lakers will be in the Western Conference finals before running out of steam. With Kobe still the nucleus of the team it is too early for a team so one-dimensional to go all the way. But the Western Conference is weak this season and if Kobe is hot, he is tough to defeat. Maybe not even next season but in two years, the Lakers will be Champions again. Young players will have gotten valuable playoff experience and they will be just strong enough to cope with Bryant and give the Lakers more options on offense. You can bet the Lakers trade for a big name player in the coming seasons to try and fill the hole that was so perfectly filled by Shaq during the Glory Days in LA.

Some of you are probably wondering why I didn’t mention defense as a necessity to win a Championship in the NBA. That’s because it isn’t. No team plays defense anymore, not even the Detroit Pistons. You can argue all you want but it is a proven fact that defense is a lost art in the modern NBA.

So can we all please put the Kobe Bryant saga to rest for a while now, or at least until maybe the All-Star break? Once the second half of February begins, which also is the start of the NBA season part deuce, it will be interesting to see what teams are contenders and which teams have been just playin’ with us for the first half of the season. For the first time in years, the NBA doesn’t have one team that truly stands out vs. the rest. The NBA Title is up for grabs. Meanwhile, Kobe Bryant will look to continue his MVP season and guide the Lakers back into the playoffs.

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3 replies on “Whatever Your Take on Kobe- There’s No Denying His Game is Sick”

On Kobe Kobe is an amazing player. He’s great. I hate him, but he’s great.
Kobe’s problem is he has one of the worst personalities in all of sports. That’s what will keep him from ever acheiving Jordan-like status.
The guy’s talent should never be questioned, because he’s got that, but he won’t ever be the idol to kids that Jordan was.
Even LT had a personality people could relate with. He was a crazed football player that wanted nothing more than winning. He was crazy, yes, but what made him likeable was his passion for the game and the way he addressed it.
Kobe has the demeanor of a child, and until that changes, and it won’t, he’ll never be half the player Jordan was to the league.

Good point there I agree Kobe may not by ever idolized like MJ was but I think as a player, as a  basketball player, he will be better when it’s all said and done than MJ. Hopefully he turns his attitude around so the Lakers can get back to business and he can flourish as a Jordan-type player/idol.

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