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Heisman Watch 12th Edition

The season is coming to a close and the Heisman hype is growing with each passing day. There is some movement in the Heisman Watch and it’s almost time for my season ending special edition article. This should be fun.1. Reggie Bush, RB, USC, Jr.

Yes, Reggie Bush has finally surpassed Vince Young in my Heisman watch. Even though I wasn’t as impressed as everyone else with Reggie Bush’s 513 all-purpose yard showing, I still thought Vince Young had to make a strong statement the next week which he failed to do. I think it’s still very close between Reggie and Vince Young but to keep his spot, Reggie has to have a big game against UCLA. If Reggie Bush can have the game of his life on Saturday, he could keep his spot, but for now it’s still wide open.

2. Vince Young, QB, Texas, Jr.

Vince has finally dropped down a spot in the Heisman watch with his mediocre play last weekend. Last game was very important for his Heisman stock and I think he was pressing a little too much. He threw for 162 yards for 1 TD and 1 INT. He also rushed for 19 yards in a much less productive game then usual. As I said previously, Vince still has a very good chance to win the Heisman but he just disappointed last game against A&M. This next week is Vince’s last chance to get back in this race and claim the Heisman Trophy. Texas is facing Colorado so there could be some major production by Vince Young in this game. It should be exciting.

3. Brady Quinn, QB, Notre Dame, Jr.

Brady showed his true colors last game. Yes, we know he can throw the ball incredibly well but we saw his ability to lead his team, for the second time, at the end of a game while on the edge of a BCS disaster. Last week, he threw for 432 yards with 3 TD’s and 2 picks. Brady Quinn and the Fighting Irish are almost a guarantee for a Fiesta Bowl bid and rightfully so. I think Quinn is one of the most prolific passers in Notre Dame history. If Brady doesn’t win the Heisman this year, he definitely has nothing to be a ashamed of and has the possibility to come back for his senior year and try for the Heisman once again.

4. Matt Leinart, QB, USC, Sr.

It’s kind of funny that Matt is having somewhat better numbers than last year and still 4th in my Heisman Watch. It just shows the competition this year in the race for the Heisman Trophy. Leinart isn’t as dominant as he was last year and defenses are reading him much better. Last week, Leinart threw for 200 yards and 1 TD while rushing for 1 also. Leinart has been overshadowed by Reggie Bush this season and even if he has a good game against UCLA, it will still be hard for him to make up this much ground. Lucky for him he will still get to go to New York City for the presentation and possibly see his teammate walk away with the Trophy.

(this is him in practice, just thought it was a funny face)

5. Jerome Harrison, RB, Washington State, Sr.

It’s been a dream year for Jerome Harrison. Jerome has gone from hiding in the shadows, to the national spotlight in a span of a season. Jerome’s season and career ended two weeks ago and he should be proud of his accomplishments. Although he is a long shot at the Heisman Trophy, he has had a great year with one of the highest rushing totals for the season. I will go over, in detail, his full season accomplishments in my end of the season article. I’m just happy that Jerome can get an opportunity to go to the Athletic Club in New York.

6 replies on “Heisman Watch 12th Edition”

my list 1. Bush: should be indisputable
2a.Young: check out strength of schedule, padded stats, and porous opposing D’s
2b.Leinart: just b/c Bush should win it
3. Quinn: not as good as Leinart… yet
4a. Drew Olson: 30-3 TD-Int ratio, numerous 4th quarter comebacks
4b, 4c: Maurice Drew and Marcedes Lewis: b/c Olson isn’t responsible for EVERYTHING good with the UCLA offense
5. Jerome Harrison

Anybody… have thoughts on the USC-UCLA game? Who is gonna win and what will it do to the BCS?

USC-UCLA I htink it’s going to look a lot like the Fresno State-USC game, where a lot of points are scored and Reggie Bush does something ridiculous to carry USC.  By the way, did anyone who watched the USC-FSU game catch the FSU-Nevada game and wonder if that was a different team?  

that game… was a bit of a hangover for FSU. Imagine getting that close to derailing USC. But I think that USC-UCLA will be a shootout and UCLA will outscore USC in the end.

Heisman — Harrison didn’t have the benefit of a top passing game on WSU so his accomplishment this year easily tops Bush

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