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NFL Power Rankings Week 7 – October 25 2005

A little shakeup at the top as the NFC shows they aren’t the JV conference everyone made them out to be. Meanwhile, former AFC darlings Cincinnati drop in the rankings due to poor showing in “statement” game. Here are you power rankings for week 7.

Rank (Pv) Team Record Comment
1 (1) 7-0 With 139 yards and 2 TDs, Edge is making his statement to get paid next year.
2 (7) 4-2 Went into the jungle and made their own statement about who’s still the bully in the AFC North.
3 (5) 5-2 I realize the most important stat is the W but 116 yards, 0 TDs, and 3 INTs? Are those stats by an elite QB or Brooks Bollinger?
4 (8) 4-2 They were lucky to pull that one out. Memo to Andy Reid: 24 straight passes is just ridiculous.
5 (4) 5-1 Between Chris Simms and Tim Rattay, this team should go absolutely nowhere. But we’ll keep em up here in the standings until the Carolina game.
6 (2) 5-2 Denver secondary does its best matador impression. Next week vs Philly will show whether this team can hang with Indy and Pitt in the AFC.
7 (6) 4-2 It’s only week 7, but Jacksonville is looking more and more like a wild card team.
8 (3) 5-2 They’ve failed the only two “tests” they’ve been given. Everyone was too busy fawning over Palmer to notice the holes.
9 (9) 5-2 That was one of the most exciting finishes in a Seattle game. At least one where they come out on top.

10 (15) 4-2 Great comeback by Eli and company. They still have to win on the road. Luckily, a trip to SF is coming up.
11 (14) 4-2 It boggles the mind that Larry Johnson was taken 27th in the 2003 draft. How many of the teams that drafted 2-26 are regretting it now?
12 (11) 3-4 It sounds comical but they are the best 3-4 team in the league. Not to take credit away from Philly D but why did they stick to the run so long even after it was apparent Philly wouldn’t let LT beat them?
13 (12) 4-2 The jury is still out on Carolina. The only quality team they’ve played is New England and their schedule is cake until date in Buffalo.
14 (13) 3-3 Buffalo this week is a classic trap game with Indy looming on MNF.
15 (17) 4-2 Welcome back, LaVar. 9 tackles. Why was this guy deemed not right for Gregg Williams’ system again?
16 (10) 4-3 I love how Parcells didn’t waste any time in booting Cortez. But why isn’t anyone talking about him throwing a sissy punch at his wide receivers coach?
17 (16) 3-4 Hey Willis, the best running back in the NFL doesn’t only get 50 yards against the Raiders.
18 (19) 3-3 When two 3-3 teams are facing off for early control of a division, it’s just sad. I’m not sure this is what Tags wanted with parity..
19 (20) 2-3 Hey Joey, I hear Tim Couch needs a golfing buddy.
20 (23) 3-4 Why is Mike Martz trying to call in plays from his couch? Good thing Rams didn’t take his call.
21 (18) 2-4 A promising start to the season is fading fast. Does Ricky have any interest in playing football?
22 (25) 2-4 Randy Moss is tougher than we thought. Their remaining divisional schedule looks too tough for them to pull themselves out of the hole.
23 (30) 2-4 Last second win saves Mike Tice’s job for at least another week. I’ll be amazed if he lasts the season.
24 (24) 2-5 Chad Pennington. Jay Fiedler. Vinny Testeverde. I hear Jeff George needs a job.
25 (27) 2-5 They just can’t catch a break. You’d think the officials wouldn’t screw them so much knowing they’re homeless.
26 (29) 2-4 Denny Green actually thought anyone cared whether McCown or Warner was starting?
27 (26) 2-5 They outplayed Arizona (yards, TOP, first downs) but came away with the L thanks to three terrible turnovers.
28 (21) 2-4 Brian Billick’s approval rating is 10%. Is it his fault Anthony Wright stinks? Well, yeah it is, actually.
29 (28) 2-4 174 yards of total offense. 0 for 8 on 3rd down conversions. 3 INTs. Sadly, Matt Leinart is going to look terrible in orange.
30 (22) 1-5 To be realistic, this team wasn’t good to begin with. But without Ahman Green, they are dropping to SF levels.
31 (31) 1-5 Alex Smith is hurt already. And after trading away Rattay, Ken Dorsey is their QB against Tampa. 1-15 looks about right.
32 (32) 0-6 Can Oswalt throw a tight spiral?

2 replies on “NFL Power Rankings Week 7 – October 25 2005”

Philly over Denver? Glad to see Cincy drop down five places.

But just in terms of strength of sked, Denver’s 5-2 record slices and dices Philly’s 4-2.

Philly lost to Atlanta, and lost big-time to Dallas. And in each of the games the Eagles won, excepting the de rigeuer Niners stomp, they haven’t exactly won convincingly. In fact, they barely pulled it out over SD and Oakland, and only thanks to KC’s dismal defense did they come back to beat the Chiefs in Week 4.

Denver, on the other hand, has pulled out wins against five tough teams, and lost only by the skin of their teeth in New York and a flukey first game to Miami. (The Fins would be no match for Denver now; could we say the same thing about Atlanta versus the Eagles?)

While I’m not ready to boot Philly out of the Power Ranking’s top 10, Reid and Co. don’t seem like a No. 4 at this point. No running game, a questionable O-line, McNabb looking squirrelly, and a defense that’s a letdown from last season add up to not-so-hot power numbers. The Iggles definitely have more fantasy studs than Denver, but the Broncos should still be ahead of Philly here.

i hear you the denver-philly game this weekend will answer this question nicely, dont you think?

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