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NFL Power Rankings Week 4 – October 4th 2005

I know a lot is said about parity in the NFL but it seems like there are 10 good teams and everyone else falls somewhere in the middle. New England took quite a tumble this week with an embarassing loss to the Chargers. Meanwhile, how can you argue that a 4-0 team with a hot QB, a star WR and a balanced running attack (Cinci) is rated too high?

Rank (Pv) Team Record Comment
1 (1) 4-0 Looks like Indy will be 7-0 going into the bye week. Then they have a date in New England. Is this finally the year Peyton Manning wins in Foxboro?
2 (3) 4-0 A less than impressive win over the Texans. But they’ve covered every game so far. Are they this year’s Steelers?
3 (4) 2-1 With tough games against San Diego and Jacksonville coming up, one of the preseason favorites to win the AFC might fall 3 games behind the division leading Bengals. Good news is that Bettis and Staley come back.
4 (5) 4-0 They barely escaped the Lions but their first half schedule might be the easiest of any of the NFC South teams. I still don’t understand why Pittman was in Gruden’s dog house.
5 (6) 3-1 This team leads the league in rushing but are middle of the road on every other offensive stat. So is Vick a great QB?
6 (7) 3-1 McNabb is leading the league in passing. I guess opposing defenses are very desirous that a black quarterback succeed in the NFL.
7 (9) 3-1 After stumbling out of the gate, Shannahan proves he’s not ready to move on yet. Denver rushed for 188 yards against the Jaguars who previously were only giving up 120 yards per game.
8 (14) 2-2 They didn’t just beat the champs on their on turf, they dominated them. A win against Pittsburgh Monday night would render the first two weeks a fluke (or Marty being brain dead).
9 (2) 2-2 The injuries this year just point out how hard last year’s repeat title was. The Champs are on the ropes already in week 4.
10 (15) 3-1 The Giants bounce back from a whoopin’ to deliver one of their own to the Rams. They lead the league in scoring and total touchdowns.
11 (18) 3-0 LaVar Arrington has played 7 snaps in the last two games. And for this they gave him a $68M contract two years ago. Expect him in Pittsburgh or San Diego next year.
12 (8) 2-2 We thought they could challenge the Colts for the division but it looks like they’re already playing for the Wild Card – if they can keep Leftwich from getting killed. The guy gets “jacked up” at least once a game.
13 (13) 2-2 They almost let a victory slip away on Monday Night. SI’s Super Bowl pick is already 2 games behind division leading Tampa Bay.
14 (12) 2-1 I love it when a bye week puts you in the division lead. Many thought the AFC east would boast 2 wild card teams. Looks like they might not have any.
15 (10) 2-2 They suffered the biggest collapse in their history at home. Why is it that year in and year out, we believe that they will finally get a defense. And they never do.
16 (11) 2-2 Lucky for them, they don’t need to win on the road to win the NFC West. Josh Brown gets the goat of the week award.
17 (23) 1-3 They finally got their first win with defense. Surprise stat of the year: Kerry Collins still has no INTs.
18 (16) 2-2 Rams defense gave up scores on 8 of 11 possessions. Meanwhile, the offense only had 42 yards rushing. They’re lucky to be .500.
19 (26) 2-2 This team is too inconsistent to be much better than 8-8. It’s not that they have to play home games in San Antonio, it’s just that they’re not that good.
20 (17) 1-2 Joey Harrington is so bad that Charles Rogers has to resort to taking drugs just to get through the season.
21 (19) 2-2 Bledsoe missed a wide open Witten on the final play of the game. Next stretch of three games (PHI, NYG, @ SEA) could leave them 2-5.
22 (20) 1-3 The Bills are the most disappointing team in the AFC. A team that won 6 of their last 7 games in 2004 shouldn’t start off 1-3. I wonder where they’d be with Bledsoe still at the helm.
23 (21) 1-3 Playing in the NFC North means they are only a 1/2 game out of first place with a 1-3 record. Playing with Mike Tice as coach means they might as well be getting a head start on their golf games.
24 (27) 1-2 “We’re 1-0 in our book,” said quarterback Anthony Wright. Um… what? Apparently, the Ravens’ book is entitled “Denial”.
25 (22) 1-3 When you are talking about starting 56 year old Vinny Testeverde, you not only hit the panic button, you’ve beaten the crap out of it. I guess it’s back to the J-E-T-S Suck Suck Suck chant this year.
26 (24) 1-2 Looks like the first team to 6 wins takes the division. Sadly, that means Chicago is in the driver’s seat.
27 (25) 1-3 Where is Chris Brown? When McNair is your leading rusher, you’ve got big problems.
28 (31) 1-3 I know that McCown was 32-of-46 for 385 yard but I think they were playing against the Mexican National Soccer team’s defense.
29 (29) 1-2 One of the best jokes on Family Guy was when Peter formed a band and yelled “Hello Cleveland”. And Cleveland says “Hello Peter.” Yes, that’s right, I have absolutely nothing to say about the Browns.
30 (28) 0-3 Year three is when wide receivers break out and establish themselves. Andre Johnson has 10 catches for 76 yards in 3 games. Is that Johnson’s fault? Or Carr’s?
31 (32) 0-4 Green Bay is the best 0-4 team in the league. Brett Favre is just a kid having fun out there.
32 (30) 1-3 It’s official, the Niners stink in two countries. Did all the Niners not make the trip to Mexico City? Cause that didn’t look like a professional football team out there.

5 replies on “NFL Power Rankings Week 4 – October 4th 2005”

Green Bay?!? Losing three games by a whopping 6 points does not #31 make.

#30 and #29 should both be behind GB.

Love your comment on Cleveland. You should do that the entire season………..

Well, unless they start win….., what the hell am I talking about?

Let me tell you why they are 31 BSD Becuase they lost to the BROWNS!! YEAH BABY!! thats why so dont bang on the browns if there one of the teams that beat the packers. And the Packers completely rely on a semi-washed up quarterback. Im not saying hes bad, but hes cetainly not as good as he was 2 years ago, and two years ago he wasnt as good as he was 5 years ago, get the trend?. And you want me to say something about the browns, They held Indy to 13 points. You can say Peyton Manning wasn’t hot, but 1 interception and 0 touchdowns whether your hot or not is pretty bad. Secondly the Romeo is making his presence felt. I figure them to be 2-2 this week after they beat the bears. So in conclusion GREEN BAY is worse than the cleveland browns. Therefore putting them 31st is what they deserve

I hate the Texans I somehow have Dominick Davis and Andre Johnson on my FF. And the coaches are fucking it up. And that long haired bastard, David carr too.

In other news, I hate my FF team.

GB is that bad
Green Bay is 31 because they are absolutely terrible. No O-line and a QB that plays like a rookie. And completely overhyped. “GB still can win the NFC North”. If I hear that one more time from a media pundit, I’m going to puke.

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