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A Letter From A Disgruntled Dodger Fan

Have you ever wanted to give the owner of your favorite team a piece of your mind?  Avery Smith decided to write a letter to Frank McCourt, owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, and didn’t hold anything back.A Letter From A Disgruntled Dodger Fan

Mr. McCourt,

I am a Dodger Fan who is troubled by the direction this team has taken.  I am somewhat confused and a bit apprehensive as to the future of the ball club.  Hold on.  Wait a minute.  This isn’t going to work.  Sir, if I could address you by your first name; Frank, you have a whole lot of explaining to do.

Your regime as owner of the Dodgers has done nothing but undermine one of the most storied franchises in all of sports. Not too long ago, the Dodgers were spoken in the same breath as the Yankees, Red Sox and Cardinals.  Now our breath stinks.

Why does it have to be this way? Is it really all about the money, Frank?  Are you just in it to get paid?  I really hope not, but there’s a lot of evidence that suggests the contrary.

For example, you have destroyed the most beautiful stadium on Earth.  Dodger Stadium was once a hallowed treasure, a golden nugget in the pantheon of Major League Baseball stadiums.  It is now a ballpark full of overpriced seats, and unwanted advertisements.  To put it a little more, well you know, frankly; you tricked out Chavez Ravine.  I’ve heard that the sign on your desk reads Frank McCourt, “The Pimp’s Pimp”, instead of “Owner”, but I just didn’t want to believe it.  Dang, maybe it’s true.

I gotta hand it to you, you sure are a smooth talker!  You had all of us Dodger fans really believing that you wanted to bring us a winner. You said that it would just be a matter of time before the Dodgers would be champions again.  You got me so excited that I even had a crackhead hold a prime parade-watching spot on Figueroa thinking that this might just be our year.  Oh well, there goes my VCR.

Speaking of crack, why would you hire a guy with no GM experience, Paul Depodesta, to run your team.  Once again, your smooth talking worked. You told us to trust in him, and we did.  We trusted him when he shipped off Paul LoDuca, leaving us without a catcher.  We trusted him when he didn’t sign Steve Finley leaving us without veteran leadership in the outfield.  We even trusted him when he failed to re-sign Adrian Beltre, leaving us without a chance to win our division.  

There is no reason why we shouldn’t have won the NL West this year.  The Fathers, Gnats, Lizards, and Rockies all gave us plenty of opportunities to be playoff-bound.  Even with the lack of activity during the off-season my unwavering faith in Dodger blue made me believe that we just might do it.  Unfortunately, even with the great start and all of your rousing speeches, there was something amiss lurking beneath the surface; a feeling, or maybe even an intuition.  It’s almost like when you’re dancing with a girl at the club, and she looks good, smells good, but then you notice an Adam’s apple.

The collective lump in our throats was that we were living on borrowed time.  I mean how many times could we rely on Jose Valentin to bail us out. How many times could Steve Schmoll close the door on teams like the Cardinals and Astros. We were flying high without oxygen masks and the cabin pressure light about to flicker on.

I know what you are going to say, and I’ll save you the words.  I know we had a ton of injuries.  I know that losing Eric Gagne hurt, and that was unexpected.  I know that losing Milton Bradley hurt, and that was unexpected.  I know that losing J.D. Drew hurt, and that was unexp…wait a minute that had to be expected.  

My issue with you, Frank, is not the injuries, its that there was no contingency plan, not even a hint of a clue as to what to do when the ship started to sink.  The trade deadline came and went without not even a whisper of activity from the team. We were only a couple of games out of first and I really thought that you would get us some help.  I looked forward to seeing Adam Dunn hitting majestic homeruns, but instead you left us with Hee Soop Choi hitting majestic pop-flys.  

Basically, you abandoned us.  You could have done something about our precarious situation instead of allowing us to drown in mediocrity.  This was your opportunity to shine, your moment to resurrect our season.  Leaders are born out of necessity and boy did this team ever need some help.  Our farm system is loaded, overloaded perhaps, and we could have gotten a solid, major-league contributor for some of our prospects.  

Your inactivity says a lot about your character.  You like to say that you value character, and you questioned Milton Bradley’s when he called Jeff Kent a racist.  I certainly don’t agree with what Bradley did, but at least he’s upfront with his qualms.  You, on the other hand have covertly duped an entire city into believing that you are going to invest to create a winner, when all you wanted to do was get paid.

Finally, Frank you need to get it together fast.  We don’t do 72-92 in L.A., and if you think Giant fans have it rough in Dodger Stadium, just try us.  Barry Bonds is going to get treated like a saint compared to you if we have a couple more sub .500 seasons.  Frank, you’ve talked the talk, now its time to walk the walk.

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Give Paul a chance He will fix the Dodgers the Billy Beane way by improving the minor league system and creating a constant pool of big league talent.  I’d give him credit also for not resigning Steve Finley and Adrian Beltre.  Both of them were awful this year.

Trevor As always, your comments are insightful and have a ton of truth as well.

My main point was that we had no back up plans when we let these guys go…especially Beltre & LoDuca.  

Beltre had a bad year in Seattle, but even w/that being said he tore up National League pitching in interleague play.  He wouldn’t have been nowhere near that bad w/the Dodgers.

The same could be said about Finley, but to a lesser extent.  We ended up overpaying for Drew and we lost him for almost 3 months out of the year.

comment good article! you have managed to adress most of the issues that have been absolutely KILLING me recently about my favorite pro franchise. I don’t understand what McCourt is doing either. But i do have some suggestions of my own:

Get Alex Cora back somehow…God, I miss his D.

Get a 3B that knows how to play baseball. No more Valentins, Edwards’, etc. NO MORE NORIHIRO NOKOMURAS!!

Give Jeff Kent an extension.

Jayson Werth = Werthless…get him outta here.

JD Drew = too many injuries + too pricey…sayonara

Milton Bradley needs to go to the Yankees so he can be put in line by the fans.

Get 5 new starting pitchers. Trade Brazoban. Tell Saenz to retire (how old is he now?)

Trade Jason Phillips, start Navarro.

Finally: If i ever see the name Hee-Seop Choi in a Dodger uniform again, I will contemplate suicide.

Very true on Beltre and LoDuca I think Paul felt he would have overpaid with Beltre and I’m sure he didn’t like LoDuca’s sub. 350 OBP.  

I bet he has a five year plan to try and turn the Dodgers into the A’s model.  Just with a little more payroll flexibility.

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