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Unimpressed/ Depressed/ Netural- my feelings after Week 4 of the college football season

What we think and feel after Week 4 of the college football season.

Am I on crack, or is Vandy 4-0?
Virginia Tech

Tech are 4-0 right now and has a legitimate chance at the National Championship. Sure, we know about Marcus Vick’s talent, but their D’s unreal too. After thrashing Georgia Tech at home and winning a tough one on the road at NC State, this team’s for real.


Beating Oregon in Autzen Stadium was one thing, where the team handled a first half deficit and a ton of noise. And how could you be Unimpressed with the country’s longest winning streak?

Penn State

When your team’s struggled for years and you haven’t won at a perennial Big Ten struggler for two years, what could you want LESS than being 23-7 down to Northwestern? Step in Michael Robinson. No, we don’t think he’s going to win the Heisman anytime soon, but he showed leadership and a good arm. Oh, and his wide receiving corps of Derrick Williams, Deon Butler  and Jordan Norwood are for real on this 4-0 team.


As I said, Vandy aren’t leaving this until they lose a game. And would you believe it, the perennial SEC doormats are 4-0 this year. Someone say Bowl game? They were certainly whispering it in Nashville after their 37-13 downing of Richmond.


Sure, their first half performance at LSU sucked, where they went 21-0. But, as our great ballroom dancing friend (and pretty good USC QB) Matt Leinart said, “football’s a game of four quarters.” So, four quarters, a quarterback change, and a stirring revival later, UT came away with a 30-27 victory.


Stop the press! The Tide are 4-0 for the first time since 1996! Can’t wait until `Bama’s offence comes against Chris Leak and the Florida Gators. Many think that Tuscaloosa could see an upset on Saturday. We don’t.


Arizona State

Yeah, their offence exploded in the third quarter to give the Sun Devils their first Pac-10 victory of the season. QB Sam Keller’s now on Heisman Watch after his latest show, throwing for 365 yards and 4 touchdowns. Has anyone seen that he’s got comparable numbers against a certain Mr Leinart? What people fail to look at is the fact that ASU mightily struggled to score at Oregon State in the first half, and their running game, although improving, really isn’t up to much.


The Dawgs are 4-0 and 2-0 in the SEC. DJ Shockley threw for 312 yards and two touchdowns in his teams’ 23-10 victory at Mississippi State, and looked rather good. So did the Bulldog defence. So yeah, they are good. But how good? We’ll see against UT, Florida and Auburn.  


Barring their victory over the University of Tennessee, the Gators haven’t played anybody. I’m sorry, but Wyoming, La Tech and Kentucky don’t really count as competition- even if you’re putting up good numbers.

Texas Tech

Why is this team even ranked? Texas Tech haven’t played ANYBODY. Florida International, Sam Houston State and Indiana State all suck. Can’t wait until they get turned over.


Iowa State

Beating Iowa was one thing, but only squeezing by Army 28-21? This team’s got problems.


They’ve lost a couple of games, and they’re out of the Top 25. And against high-flying Michigan State, it could get a hell of a lot worse.


They had a 21-0 lead on a team that playing more Tennessee Tech than Tennessee. And 71 yards of penalties, 2 interceptions and an awful 2-13 third down efficiency later, Tigers fans have something else to cry about, even if it is less important.


I know we’ve been a little too repetitive about being depressed about the Tigers, but they lost another close one- 16-13. When is Lady Luck going to shine on this corner of South Carolina? It seems never, doesn’t it?

Georgia Tech

Reggie Ball was suffering from viral meningitis, and didn’t look great against VA Tech. Then again, nor did the defense in this 51-7 thrashing in Blacksburg. And with Miami, Georgia and Virginia all on the remainder of the 2005 schedule, they haven’t got a whole lot of time to get their shape back.

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What about OSU ??????

Arite ill do it for you…

OSU will win the national championship… i wish.

Anways there under the nuetral catagory, but after they beat penn state they will be on thier way inside the top 5, exspecially after they beat michigan state too.

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