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The Real QB Competition

By Jeremy Burnham

Everyone in their right mind knew that Tim Rattay should start over rookie Alex Smith. If you did not know that from the start, you sure found out after the first preseason game. And if you still had doubts after that, they were crushed after the second game. Even Coach Nolan seemed to finally get it, naming Rattay the starter.Now I am not saying Smith is going to be a bust, it’s way too early to say that. I’m one of the ‘Rattay in 05, Smith down the road’ guys. I have high hopes for him. I just don’t want him starting right now. Our best chance of winning games right now, is not with him in there. He proved that while playing with the starters for two weeks. With QB play like that, face it, we would not have scored a single TD all freaking season, and would have gone 0-16. Plus, with a weaker O-Line, do we really want to get our new young guy smashed? I’d rather get Rattay beaten up, because he’s going to be gone in a year or two anyway…

I really want to get off the whole Rattay vs. Smith debate, though. This is not why I’m writing this article. The headline is the REAL QB Competition. Rattay vs. Smith should not have been a real competition. Rattay should be the clear cut winner. The REAL competition should be for the third string job between Ken Dorsey and Cody Pickett. I know I know, all signs point to there not being any fight for that job, it’s all Dorsey’s. I’m asking, WHY?

Why the hell do we still have this dude on our team at all? Dorsey sucks. He has alwasy sucked, and I’m sad to say, he will always suck. He sucked in his first year. He was down right awful while filling in for Rattay last year. Now, once again, before the season starts, we hear all the BS from so called experts saying how much better he looks this time around. BS!!!! Did you see him in his first pre-season games against the third stringers?! He sucked! Did that look any better to you? And just think, that bozo was starting games for us last year. In the mini’camps, when all the experts were saying how great he looked, some fans started saying he should be the starter this year. And they were saying that he had a chance to win the job. I simply said that was BS. There was no way that was going to happen. It was going to be Rattay, or Smith, but no way it was going to be Dorsey. That upset a lot of people. They don’t want to accept the sad truth, Dorsey sucks.

Pickett, on the other hand, has not gotten much of a chance at all. He was told he most likely wasn’t even going to get to play in the preseason games. Him playing in game two was a surprise to him. And he led the team to one last TD drive at the end of the game, which ended with him running it in himself. That was one great drive*. In the one drive he got to play, he impressed me way more than Dorsey has ever since we drafted this guy in the 7th round a few years back. Dorsey. I can’t stand this guy. Ken he do it? No he Ken not!

Note I started writing this article right after the 49er’s 2nd game of the preseason. I stopped writing it after finding out about the death of Thomas Herrion. I thought an article which went into the final drive of that game, which was also the final drive of his life, was not very sensitive. Now, after a week and a half has passed, I felt better about finishing the article. I know you will all join me in my thoughts about his family. From everything I read about him, he seemed like a first class human being. He will be missed by the fans of the Gold Rush. RIP!

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4 replies on “The Real QB Competition”

ehhh less language—“Freaking” and “hell.” nahh just kidding but Smith will get beaten up at some point-all QBs do. Look what happened to Eli Manning last year.

Word Usuage I didn’t like some of the colorful language that you used in describing Dorsey.  It takes away from things as you are reading and gives it a lack of credibility.

Thanks Thanks everyone for your comments. I understand some of you feel I should be less harsh and “colorful” when I adress Dorsey, but this is my style.

Glad some of you liked it though… It’s either your thing or it’s not, what can ya do?

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