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NFL Predictions 2006-Let The Truth Be Told

From the day the NFL season kicks off to the day of the Superbowl America is glued to their television on Sunday afternoons and nights. For people in Philadelphia, New England, San Diego, and other cities that have solid division contenders the worries don’t start until the Playoffs.  For the fans of teams in Cleveland, Cincinnati, Detroit and other underachieving cities there is anticipation of a complete turnaround. Every year there is a surprise and this year will be no exception.

  There is no doubt in anyone’s mind who will be flying away with this division, or at least there shouldn’t be. The Eagles with Donavan McNabb behind center, a healthy Brian Westbrook in the backfield, and Terrell Owens split out should have good success offensively. On the other side of the ball Jeremiah Trotter and Jevon Kearse should help dominate up front while their three Pro Bowl defensive backs Michael Lewis, Lito Sheppard, and Brain Dawkins should keep Veteran Stadium a no fly zone.
Last Years Record (13-3) Projected Record (13-3)

  The Cowboys are looking for a complete turnaround from the disarray they ended up in last season. With a couple of off-season pick ups and their 1st round pick Demarcus Ware making big plays this preseason the Dallas defense looks somewhat rejuvenated. On offense the Cowboys brought in former Pro Bowler Drew Bledsoe, who was coached by Parcells early in his career, to run the offense. He has a fresh Julius Jones who will complement him in the running game and the always opinionated Keyshawn Johnson looking for more passes to come his way making the Dallas offense effective once again. The Cowboys are my turnaround team of the year.
Last Years Record (6-10) Projected Record (10-6)

  The Giants are in position to win some football games this season. Eli Manning showed good progress in the final games of last season. He should develop even more this season with new target Plaxico Burress mixed in with existing targets like Jeremy Shockey and Amani Toomer to make for an exciting offense. Defense is the Giants major concern this year, their secondary has a few holes and up front they’re decent at best. Expect Michael Strahan to try and lead his team off on the right foot defensively. The Giants won’t make the playoffs but will be close to .500 this year.
Last Years Record (6-10) Projected Record (7-9)

  The Redskins will have problems competing this year with a weak quarterback in Mark Brunell. Mark played 10 games last year and passed for a little over 1000 yards with 7 TD’s and 6 INT’s; look for something similar this year. On offense they will rely on Clinton Portis to do most of the work because the team’s best receiver, Santana Moss, caught only 45 passes for a little over 800 yards last year with the Jets. On defense the Skins will do well in both the secondary and the front seven. Sean Taylor, Shawn Springs, and rookie Carlos Rogers should make for a talented secondary while their linebackers Marcus Washington and Lavar Arrington should make their presence felt up front.
Last Years Record (6-10) Projected Record (4-12)


 This will probably be the closest division in football with the exception of the Buccaneers. The Falcons, Panthers, and Saints all have a chance to make the Playoffs if they play their cards right, the Falcons and Panthers in particular. The Falcons should be looking to repeat last years effort and take this division. Michael Vick should make for a good offense by himself while Warrick Dunn and T.J. Duckett both team up to gain 1500 to 1800 yards on the ground. The Falcons will find their biggest problems at wide out. Not one of their wide receiver’s had over 600 yards last season and all teamed up for only 104 receptions. On defense the Falcons improved by adding linebacker Ed Hartwell who with existing playmakers Keith Brooking and Pro-Bowl defensive end Patrick Kerney should stop the run. In the secondary look for Deangalo Hall and Bryan Scott to show some improvement
Last Years Record (11-5) Projected Record (10-6)

  The Panthers won’t be far behind the Falcons though as 1/5 of their team gets off the injured list. Steve Smith and Stephen Davis’s return to the gridiron should help Jake Delhomme restore this offense. On defense the mix of speed and strength in the linebacking crew and the defensive line should help Carolina have one of the best defenses in the league up front. In the secondary Chris Gamble, Ricky Manning, Ken Lucas, and Mike minter should produce great plays this season.
Last Years Record (7-9) Projected Record (10-6)

  The Saints have the potential to go .500 this year if things on their defense shape up. With names like Deuce McAllister, Aaron Brooks, and returning Pro Bowler Joe Horn on the offense they should be able to put up some points. On defense the Saints will have a problem stopping the run. Their front seven is lead by defensive ends Charles Grant and Darren Howard who both had great seasons last year, but a good linebacker has yet to be seen in New Orleans. In the secondary they have two good defensive backs in Dwight Smith and Mike McKenzie but they won’t get too much help.
Last Years Record (8-8) Projected Record (7-9)

  The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have no chance of making the Playoffs this year. On defense the Bucs have a decent front seven with Simeon Rice and Derrick Brooks, but the only playmaker in their secondary is Ronde Barber. Offensively Brian Griese won’t be able to win many games this year with his young offensive tools Mark Clayton, Carnell Williams, and Alex Smith but they all should all grow in Gruden’s offense and next year we may be talking about getting to .500.
Last Years Record (5-11) Projected Record (6-10)

NFC North

  The Vikings are in good shape not only to win this division, but to also win the NFC. Mike Tice has everything he needs to win a lot of football games this season. The question is if can he put everything together. The offense is controlled by Pro Bowl quarterback Daunte Culpepper, who has five fully capable wide receivers, two multipurpose backs in Michael Bennett and Moe Williams, and a good tight end in Jermaine Wiggins. On defense they brought in playmakers Darren Sharper, Fred Smoot Napolean Harris, and Pat Williams who together should make for a solid defense. The Vikings are a complete team this year and are going to be a force deep into the Playoffs.
Last Years Record (8-8) Projected Record (10-6)

  As for the rest of the division expect the Lions, Bears, and Packers compete for the 2nd spot. For now let’s put the Detroit at #2. The Lions have a good offensive core with young talented wide receivers and running backs, the only thing they need now is for Joey Harrington to utilize them. On defense the Lions should be able to make some improvements from last year. With Dre Bly returning from his injury, Fernando Bryant coming off a good year, and new acquisition R.W. McQuaters leading the secondary we should see some great plays. On the line of scrimmage Shaun Rogers and Earl Holmes will lead a struggling front seven against the run. The Lions have a chance at making the Wild Card if Joey Harrington can finally produce.
Last Years Record (6-10) Projected Record (8-8)

  The Packers have the weapons to make it to the Playoffs again but it’s going to be up to Brett Farve to get them there. If Brett Farve can put up another 4000 yard season and keeps his touchdown to interception ratio down they should have a shot, especially with Jevon Walker split out to catch at least 80 balls.  In the Backfield they have Ahmad Green, who can still run the ball very effectively and help control the clock. On defense the Packers are going to have a hard time stopping the pass because of large holes in their secondary and the loss of Darren Sharper at the safety position. The front seven will be lead by Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila, Nick Barnett, and Na’il Diggs who should all help keep the opposing running backs from running all over their defense.
Last Years Record (10-6) Projected Record (8-8)

  The Bears are in last place in this Division only because of their offense. With Kyle Orton at quarterback they won’t be very successful passing the ball. The signing of Pro Bowl wide receiver Mushim Muhammad and rookie running back Cedric Benson should help keep weight off Orton’s shoulders. It still won’t be enough to win many games though.  Defense this year will be the Bears strong point. With Brian Urlacher, Adewale Ogunleye, and Lance Briggs leading the teams front seven they should be able to keep running backs under control and in the secondary Mike Brown and Jerry Azumah will lead a group of playmaking defensive backs that should cause turnovers this season.
Last Years Record (5-11) Projected Record (4-12)

NFC West

  Everyone knows the NFC West is the weakest division in football, and that’s why the Seahawks are able to make the Playoffs consistently. The Seahawks are my pick to win this division again. With Shaun Alexander still in the backfield and wide receiver’s Bobby Engram and Darrell Jackson having what I think could be 1000-yard seasons Matt Hassleback should be able to move the ball down the field successfully. On defense Jamie Sharper should be able to lead a young front seven, while defensive backs Andre Dyson and Marcus Trufant should do the same with the secondary.
Last Years Record (9-7) Projected Record (9-7)

The Saint Louis Rams are always a threat in this division. The Rams offense will be explosive as usual because Mark Bulger will have everything he needs to run an effective offense in St. Louis. Returning Pro-Bowl wide receiver Torry Holt and Isaac Bruce should both have at least 1000-yard seasons, and in the backfield Steven Jackson should gain at least 1200 this year now that he will get the majority of the snaps. On the other side of the ball the Rams will have problems stopping the run and pass with holes all over the defense, and that’s why they won’t be making the Playoffs.
Last Years Record (8-8) Projected Record (9-7)

 The Cardinals are a young talented team with a veteran quarterback. Kurt Warner has a few offensive weapons that he will know how to put to good use. Wide receiver’s Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald should have at least 1000-yard seasons and new running back J.J. Arrington should provide an explosive running game. Defensively new draft picks Antrel Rolle, Eric Greene, and Darryl Blackstock should team up with Bertrand Barry, who had a career year last season, to make a new name for the Cardinals defense. The Cards fall a little short of their Playoff hopes.
Last Years Record (6-10) Projected Record (7-9)

The 49ers are a mess this year. This preseason Alex Smith looks like everything but a starting quarterback so Tim Rattay is going to have to lead this team offensively, which is a bad start all by itself. On the other side of the ball the 49ers are going to have some problems stopping the run and pass, but look for Julian Peterson and Tony Parrish to try and get this team unified and back to respectability.
Last Years Record (2-14) Projected Record (3-13)


  This division will be pretty tough this year with the Patriots, Jets, and Bills fighting for it. The New England Patriots will come out on top though. On offense the Patriots still have Tom Brady, Deion Branch, and Corey Dillon and as Stephen A. Smith would say, “quite frankly that’s all you need” and it’s true. On defensive they look solid and if I remember they won the Super Bowl without Ty Law so their defense didn’t take much of a blow by losing him. With leaders like Rodney Harrison, Mike Vrabel and Richard Seymour still playing in Gillette Stadium you can bet that the Pats make it to the Playoffs again.
Last Years Record (14-2) Projected Record (11-5)

  The Jets will be good this year too though. A pain-free Chad Pennington behind center and Curtis Martin still running the ball should keep the Jets successful on offense. Chad Pennington will also be reunited with wide receiver Laveranues Coles who can make plays and should bring at least 1000 yards to this offense. On defense newly acquired defensive back Ty Law will make a once decent secondary into a good one and Jonathon Vilma and John Abraham should team up to make for a solid front seven. The Jets will make another trip to the Playoffs this season.
Last Years Record (10-6) Projected Record (10-6)

  The Buffalo Bills are a team that has great potential. Young quarterback J.P. Losman will have to lead this offense somewhat like what Ben Roelthesberger did in Pittsburgh. Willis McGahee will help provide a solid running game while Losman will have targets Eric Moulds or Lee Evans, who are both very capable receivers. Defensively the Bills are pretty solid up front and in the secondary. Playmakers like Takeo Spikes, Lawyer Milloy, and Nate Clements should keep this defense from allowing to many points. Don’t be to surprised if the Bills make some noise this year and clinch a Wild Card, but you can’t be sure with Losman behind the controls.
Last Years Record (9-7) Projected Record (8-8)  

  The Miami Dolphins have to restructure their running game if they have any aspirations for the Playoffs. Quarterback A.J. Feely will have a halfway decent year throwing the ball, but only because he has a good set of wide receivers. Running backs Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown should account for around 1500 yards on the ground and should turn the Dolphins back into a run based team. Defensively the Dolphins are somewhat solid. They have a good pass rusher in Jason Taylor, a run stopper in Zach Thomas, and a playmaking secondary containing Tebucky Jones, and Sam Madison.
Last Years Record (4-12) Projected Record (5-11)

AFC North

  This division is going to be tight at the end of the season because the Ravens, Steelers, and Bengals all have a shot at winning it. My Pick is the Ravens. Even with Kyle Boller at quarterback the Ravens still have Jamal Lewis, Derrick Mason, and Todd Heap he can get the ball to. The Ravens strong point is on Defense though; linebackers and defensive backs Ray Lewis, Peter Boulware, Ed Reed, Samari Rolle, and Chris McAlister should make this defense one of the best in the league.
Last Years Record (9-7) Projected Record (11-5)

  The Steelers are still a contender in this division especially with their defensive performance last season. On offense Ben Roethlisberger still has Duce Staley and Jerome Bettis running the ball (although not for a few weeks, but their first two games are against the Titans and the Texans) along with Hines Ward and Antwaan Randle El at wide receiver. The Steelers defense is one of the best in the league. It’s lead by Joey Porter, James Farrior, and Troy Polamalu who all had Pro Bowl seasons last year. The Steelers success relies on Roethlisberger performance to be even better than last year, which I don’t think is likely.
Last Years Record (15-1) Projected Record (9-7)

  The Cincinnati Bengals young and very talented. Now that Carson Palmer has progressed and knows how to run Marvin Lewis’s offense we should see some great strides from the Benagals offensively. Rudi Johnson along with wide receivers Chad Johnson and T.J. Houshmandzadeh should give Palmer the tools he needs to move the ball down the field. On defense the Bengals got stronger with the solid play of defensive backs Deltha O’Neal and Tory James, and up front Brian Simmons should have another great year. The Benagals have one of the best futures in the NFL.
Last Years Record (8-8) Projected Record (7-9)

The Cleveland Browns aren’t ready to contend with many teams this year. Trent Dilfer will fill in at quarterback while the Browns will have to wait till next years Draft or free agency at the end of the season to find a better replacement, although rookie Charlie Frye has looked good this preseason. On offense Braylon Edwards and Antonio Bryant look great and that’s a good sign for the Browns offense for years to come. On the other side of the ball the Browns picked up Brian Russell and Gary Baxter to fix some holes in their secondary, but like last year their main problem will be stopping the run. The Browns will fall way short of any Playoff hopes this year.
Last Years Record (4-12) Projected Record (4-12)


  The Colts will not only win this division but are my pick to win the AFC. Payton Manning will have another amazing season with all the tools that offense possesses. Look for Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, and Brandon Stokley to all have 1000-yard seasons. Like the last few years the Colts main problem is defense, both the secondary and the front seven will struggle to keep wide receivers and running backs under control. The key for the Colts on defensive this year will be to force turnovers.
Last Years Record (12-4) Projected Record (13-3)

  The Jacksonville Jaguars are a very similar team to what they were last year.  Now that Bryon Leftwich is developing into a good pocket passer we should see him and wide receivers Jimmy Smith and rookie Matt Jones hook up well this year. Fred Taylor will also be contributing roughly 1500 yards on the ground this season. On defense, defensive tackle Marcus Stroud and linebackers Mike Peterson and Akin Ayodele should dominate up front while Donovan Darius and Rashean Mathis make plays in the secondary. The play of Byron Leftwich will determine this teams hopes for the future.
Last Years Record (9-7) Projected Record (9-7)

The Tennessee Titans aren’t in good enough shape to make the Playoffs this year. Weapons like Drew Bennett and Chris Brown should help McNair with his return to the field, but the rest of the offense is young and inexperienced. Three of their five wide receivers this year are rookies. On defense Keith Bulluck is their foundation up front, while back in the secondary their weak list of corners makes Adam Jones look like a veteran. Tank Williams will guide this broken secondary.
Last Years Record (5-11) Projected Record (6-10)  

The Texans are not prepared for the Playoffs this season. David Carr should show some improvement from last year as he hooks up with wide receiver Andre Johnson for at least 1000 yards this year and learns to utilize more of his offense. In the backfield Domanick Davis will have another successful season at running back and should end up with at least 1200 yards. The main problem for the Texans will be scoring touchdowns in the Red Zone. Defensively the front seven of the Texans looks a little weak this year mainly because the loss of Jamie Sharper and the inexperience of the lineman. In the secondary defensive backs Phillip Buchanon, Marcus Coleman, and Dunta Robinson should all produce and have a solid year together. Defense is what costs the Texans a shot at the Playoffs.
Last Years Record (7-9) Projected Record (5-11)


  The San Diego Chargers are in great position to win this division. With LaDainian Tomlinson running the ball and with Antonio Gates inside the Red Zone things couldn’t be any sweeter for Drew Brees. The rest of this potent offense consists of Keenan McCardell and Eric Parker at wide receiver. On defense players like linebacker Donnie Edwards, defensive tackle Jamal Williams, and defensive backs Terrence Kiel, Quinten Jammer, and Jerry Wilson will all help keep this defense disciplined.
Last Years Record (12-4) Projected Record (10-6)

  The Kansas City Chiefs will also have a chance to clinch a wild card in this division because of their improved defense and always-explosive offense. Having Priest Holmes healthy will be a big lift for the Chiefs this season along with having Eddie Kennison back for another year. On defense they signed linebacker Kendrell Bell, rookie linebacker Derrick Johnson, and defensive back Patrick Surtain who should all close up some big gaps in that defense.
Last Years Record (7-9) Projected Record (10-6)

  The Oakland Raiders picked up a few players in the off-season. On offense Kerry Collins should put up some good numbers now that Randy Moss will be on his side of the ball along with existing wide receiver Jerry Porter. In the Backfield Lamont Jordan is still not an established running back but I expect in the range of 1000 yards for him this season. On defense Warren Sapp and Charles Woodson should have productive years, while first round draft pick Fabian Washington helps out in the secondary.
Last Years Record (5-11) Projected Record (7-9)

  The Denver Broncos will slip a few games below .500 this season. Jake Plummer has the tools he needs in Rod Smith and Ashley Lelie, and whether Tatum Bell or Ron Dayne start for the Broncos neither are very good backs, although anyone can run in Denver. Jake Plummer will be the problem for the offense as usual though with his unreasonable amount of interceptions. On defense the Broncos have good linebackers and decent defensive backs so look for them to have a somewhat solid defense.
Last Years Record (10-6) Projected Record (6-10)

1.Eagles (13-3)
2.Vikings (11-5)
3.Falcons (11-5)
4.Cowboys (10-6)
5.Panthers (10-6)
6.Seahawks (9-7)

NFC Championship game Panthers vs. Eagles
Carolina picks up where they left off after all of those injuries, beating the Eagles and returning to the Superbowl.

1.Colts (13-3)
2.Patriots (11-5)
3.Ravens (11-5)
4.Chargers (10-6)
5.Jets (10-6)
6.Chiefs (10-6)

AFC Championship game Ravens vs. Colts.
Colts win; Kyle Boller doesn’t do well under pressure and makes big mistakes that cost him a trip to the Superbowl.

Superbowl Panthers vs. Colts
The Colts win their first Superbowl under Peyton Manning. The Panthers lose in the Superbowl again and Jake Delhomme gets ready to take another shot at it next season. As for the Colts, Manning starts his legacy to become one of the best quarterbacks of all-time.

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a problem This is a well written article but your picks are a little safe for me. I don’t see any big suprise or pick that made me think. I think you need to be a little less “safe” with your picks.

safe maybe but not stupid, i dont want to say the Bengals are gonna win the AFC north like other people just to stand out and be different, becuase the bengals arent going to win the AFC north. Give me an example of a safe pick

Reagarding My Vote Against This Article    This article, although lengthy and including alot of information, did have grammatical errors. Examples include omitting capital letters where they belonged, and also using them improperly. Please refer to the sections for the Cleveland Browns and the Oakland Raiders for examples. And the writer has a tendency to leave out appropriate commas.

   And the writer’s ‘predictions’ are, for the most part, mirror images of the respective team’s previous record. (There is no Jimmy The Greek Jets versus Dallas Super Bowl prediction because of the drafting of Johnny Lam Jones to team up with Wesley Walker.)    

Not bad Change some of the grammatical problems and you are in good shape. The Vikings section has a couple of mistakes. I will have no problem voting for this article if you make some minor changes to clean it up. I don’t have a problem with your picks, and even if I did, I wouldn’t vote against the article, because everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. They are fairly safe, but completely reasonable.

To JoePa If you disagree with some of my predictions, tell me which ones so I can explain myself. The majority of the league stays close to their previous record almost every year, except for a few standouts.

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