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Imagine you are attending an institute of higher learning. Imagine that while at this institute you stray into a party. Now imagine that you are sexually harassed by football players. Finally, imagine bargaining the amount of money you pay the school for sexually harassing you down to $70,000.Well, Lisa Simpson and an unnamed companion do not have to imagine at all: they are the victims.

They were the victims of unpunished, undisciplined, ungrown-up football players. They were the victims of Gary “Girls are Pussys” Barnett. They are now the victims of the state of Colorado.

Because they could not “prove” the school was “deliberately indifferent” to their experience, they now have to pay more than $24,000 and possibly $46,000 more.


First of all, how do they “prove” that.

Second of all, how could they have not?

The school’s head football coach, upon hearing about a former female football player being raped, insults the player.

The school, upon learning about violations in recruiting and illegal activities by players, ignores everything.

The schools administration, upon learning that CU was the number one party school in the nation, investigated how this was so and did little.

If that is not “deliberately indifferent” then I want to know what the hell is.

This is a school that had ample of time and opportunity to prevent this.

This is a school that had ample of time and opportunity to stop this.

This is a school that had ample of time and opportunity to rectify this.

This is a school that waited until it got taken to court so that they could steal money away from victims.

All that comes out of this is that the state of Colorado is $70,000 richer and two victimized young women are in debt. What a relief.

So not just is CU raping people, now it is robbing people.

But hey, now they have money to regain that number one party school ranking.

Oh, and to bring in more recruits for Gary Barnett.

For those who do not know, Barnett defended the raping of Katie Hnida and then claimed it was taken out of context. So was your promise to help these two ladies in the criminal process, right Gary?

For those who do not know, Barnett pushed endlessly for the reinstatement of Jeremy Bloom after the NCAA raped him. But why shouldn’t Barnett help Bloom? Bloom has a penis. Oh, and he is a “good player.”

For those who do not know, Barnett was reinstated after the school allowed the situation to cool off. Do you honestly think they’dve fired him?

For those who do not know, Barnett is shit.

For those who do not know, Barnett is a shit coach.

But CU cannot fire him. Not never.

THAT would be a victory for those who were victimized, and the state of Colorado cannot ever let that happen.

So CU will hold onto Gary Barnett for all eternity, watch Lisa Simpson and her friend pay off loans in obscurity for all eternity, and support party rapings and illegal drugs to be done for all eternity.

Who cares?

It’s just the bitter facts of life, just the bitter facts of campus life in Boulder.

Maybe this year they’ll stop a raping. Maybe this year someone will say “Pay up, CU!” Maybe this year Gary Barnett will be fired.

Or maybe not.

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leon, buck, what did you not like? Just curious as I want to improve.


Just Curious Can you post information to any of the rapings being factual. This article seems like you woke up – read the paper – took sides – and then went off.

I see that you think certain things – but I’d like to see facts.

well thanks to the rape part of the story the google ad is “Local Sex Offender List”.  Christ…

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