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A hot topic these days is the age that athletes are allowed to come into the NBA.  There are great points for both sides, all valid and both sides I can understand.  For me though, I have to side with having an age limitI know it is not my right or someone else’s for that matter to tell someone when they can do their job and at what age, but this is not just a regular job.  We aren’t talking about a kid graduating high school and going down to your local grocery and bagging your goodies.  We are talking about a job that requires kids used to their friends and family as support around them having to travel the states and even into another country night in and night out.  We are talking about a job that pays a bit more than that job they may have had during their high school year.  

These are all factors in my stance on this.  I do agree everybody has a right to do what they want,  but also I think we need to set the system up where we don’t have failures.  We want all our young adults to succeed in life and that includes kids that dream of playing in the NBA.  We need them to understand the value of money, and how to deal with having so much of it and all of a sudden.  We need them to grow up, mature and become men and not have all that money and fame while they are still boys.  We need them to understand what life is, and how important they are to our kids, even if they don’t think so.  

They are all role models, and to be a role model you  have to actually understand how to handle money, being on your own, and anything life throws at you.  This is why we need to set an age limit where we can give them time to do these things.  Allow these young men to go to college for a few years.  Learn what it is like to be on your own and live your life away from family and friends.  You can’t state how important it is to live that, to go to college, experience that part of life.  Speaking from experience, you grow up a lot from the summer you graduate high school to a few years into your college years.  Anybody who has been to college will tell you the same thing.  

By setting an age limit we can have more mature athletes making their way into the NBA.  Guys that appreciate the game, understand life, understand how to deal with money and the fame, and most importantly they need to understand they are role models and our kids look up to them, and that is the most important thing they may be and do their entire life and career.

The other side of this, sure there are players that come into the league and are mature.  But we also know for every Kevin Garnett, there is a Kwame Brown. Even when people point to someone like Lebron James, sure he has great skills and is doing magical things on the court, but how is he actually handling the pressure?  Was he mature enough, did he sound mature last year before the All-Star game, or did he sound like a kid that doesn’t realize things quite yet? Was Kobe really that mature?  Was that his mature self showing through early in his selfish play?  Even some of the guys that are pointed to as “making” it that went straight from high school  needed a bit more maturity.  They could of used some college years to grow up before they were thrown into the life of an NBA player.

I don’t know if an age limit will ever happen or if it is the best thing, but I do know for the game of basketball and for the lives of the young men that join this league, it would really help and go a long way in having a game and role models that can be loved and welcomed for their professionalism and skill.

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