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The Real North vs. South

   There is one rivalry in sports that I just don’t understand. It’s not as much a rivalry between teams as it is a rivalry between fans!! The rivalry that I am talking about is the one between the Chicago Cubs and White Sox.

   These two teams first began the Cross-Town Classic back in 1997. They have played each other 6 times a year: 3 times at Wrigley Field and 3 at U.S. Cellular Field.

   The fans of the Cubs and White Sox hate each other. Why? I have yet to figure out. They both have a passion for their team and hate the others. I think that these two sets of fans need to get along and start to root for the city of Chicago to just win a championship once every one hundred years.

   If you talk to most White Sox fans and ask them the question:”Would you be happier if the Sox were to win or if the Cubs were to lose?” most of them would say they would be happier that the Cubs lose. I don’t understand this because the Cubs and Sox are not in the same Division or even in the same League with each other. I don’t think that a Sox fan that says that the Cubs loss would not be consider a real fan of that team. Most Cubs fan on the other hand would be happy with a win by their team.

   I am a Cubs fan and I don’t dislike the Chicago White Sox, I just prefer watching the Cubs because the environment is one that you can feel safe in. I hate going to the South Side of Chicago to watch the Sox because the neighborhood is a dump. The fans are not the friendliest ever either.

   The fans of the Cubs are much more likeable than a White Sox fan. A Sox fan is obnoxious and stubborn, completely opposite to a Cubs fan that is always loyal and has hope. Don’t get me wrong there are many Cubs fans and White Sox fans that are completely opposite to what I described.

   In a White Sox mind I don’t think that there is much hope, where a Cubs fan has way too much. The Cubs fan goes into every season hoping that the team can contend all season long, but not caring if they don’t. They still will flock to the ballpark and the field will average 2.5 million a year, whether they finish first or last in the National League. U.S.  Cellular barely gets 20-30 thousand people per day. Sox fans don’t show up if the team is not doing well or isn’t in contention for the division.

   In the City of Chicago there has not been a Major League Baseball Championship since 1917. Cubs and Sox fans need to ban together and show support to both sides of town. We need a championship in this city, and we need it now. These two sets of fans are two of the most passionate in all of sports, but the rivalry it has got to stop.  

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just clean it up “Most Cubs fan on the other hand would be happy with a win by them team. “

It should be “there team.”

“I am a Cubs fan and I don’t dislike the Chicago White Sox, I just prefer watching the Cubs”

You need a semi-colon (;) instead of a comma after “White Sox.”

sorry; did not mean to post it yet There are some others, but I have lost them. Just clean it up and I’ll reconsider.

with an error like that, who is actually voting yes?

I might have to take voting out of the hands of the community if this continues.

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