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Maria Sharapova – How Hot is She?

In honor of Miss Sharapova turning 18, we are bringing this story back to the front door. Enjoy.

Maria Sharapova pic My friend Ted was one of first people I know on the Anna Kournikova bandwagon back in the day.  So when he sent me an email about Maria Sharapova, my google toolbar search was quickly fired up.  First came the the news results: Sharapova reaches Wimbledon Finals by defeating the BIG GIRL / Maria Sharapova, more than a pretty face / Maria’s actually got game / Maria: I’m not a pin-up.

“I’m not the new anyone, and certainly not the new Kournikova. People seem to forget that Anna isn’t in the picture any more, it’s Maria time now. You can’t compare us. She never won a single tournament, and I’ve won two already. Besides, I intend having a lot longer career than she did,” she was quoted as saying.


Whatever, Maria.  Just be happy with the fact that anyone is even paying attention.  And do you think that the comparisons are going to stop just because you’ve reached the Finals at Wimbledon? Young, russian and legs for miles. Always a good combo but she’s got a way to go to break into the Anna Kournikova level of sex kitten. She’s got the potential, she just needs to start breaking hearts of NHL players left and right, then link herself to a pop singer.

I can sense what you’re thinking, reader. You’re thinking, “shut up already, just show me the damn pictures!”  Look, I had to justify this column by putting some words in it.  But here you go, some of the best pictures I could find of Sharapova.  You tell me if she’s hotter than Anna K.

Maria Sharapova pic

Maria Sharapova pic

Maria Sharapova pic

Maria Sharapova pic

Maria Sharapova pic

Maria Sharapova pic

Maria Sharapova pic

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8 replies on “Maria Sharapova – How Hot is She?”

you guys are nuts Anna is cuter and has more sex appeal.  Sharapova is just the next big thing.  In the end, Anna is much hotter.

Anna and Maria Anna is hotter, without a doubt. She knows how hot she is and obviously is flaunting it.

Even if Sharapova does more in tennis, Anna will make much more money.

And if Sharapova does make a lot of money from modeling, she’ll have Anna to thank for getting her there.

Anna vs. Maria Anna is gorgeous, and can’t play tennis.
Maria is pretty and can play tennis.
Who is hotter? Anna, unless you are talking about who is playing better tennis at the moment…

not to lose the purpose of this thread….. ….but Anna Kournikova was not as bad a tennis player as everyone thinks. We all thought she was bad because she almost never made finals so we never got to see her, but she was a consistant player for a few years.

Maria is way overrated I honestly don’t think she’s all that fire, but Anna, on the other hand… damn.

ha All of us would pee our pants if either said a word to us, but you have to go with Kournikova on looks, and Sharapova on tennis. Who gives a rat’s ass about tennis?

Maria I think Maria is prettier, cuter and absolutely a much better tennis player. But on the other hand I’m a girl myself and maybe we look for beauty in another way.

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