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The End of a Dynasty?

Lately people have been talking about the departures of Offensive Coordinator, Charlie Weis and Defensive Coordinator, Romeo Crennel as the end of the New England Patriots’ dynasty. This claim brings with it many assumptions, assumptions that devalue Bill Belichick and the players of the back-to-back World Champions. To say that the defense will be different next year without Romeo Crennel is akin to say that a novel would be different without its cover. Of course the defense will be different without the defensive coach, however, the same players and head coach are not going anywhere.

Bill Belichick developed a team mentality, one that once in place started the current dynasty. What happened when pro bowl cornerback Ty Law went out with a season ending injury? Second year cornerback Randall Gay stepped in and did not miss a beat.

Troy Brown, a wide receiver even came in to play third string cornerback coming in for nickel and dime packages. I am not at all trying to say that the patriots defense is better without Ty Law, it’s just different, but it was good enough to win the Super Bowl. How many teams can afford to lose three starters in the secondary and still win a game, let alone the Super Bowl?

This dynasty was built around the team mentality where players like Teddy Bruschi sign contracts for 2 million for four years without even consulting an agent, and accepting far less than market value for a player of his caliber in order to stay and be “part of something special.”

What happens to the team concept when someone starts mouthing off? Just ask Lawyer Milloy. He held out for more money two years ago, and Belichick cut him. Where is he now? Probably sitting around wondering why he wanted more money and missed the chance to win some meaningful football games.

Instead, Belichick decided to go out and get another safety that was only known as a hard hitter but could not cover anyone, Rodney Harrison. Now one of the defensive leaders, Harrison has been the impact player that Belichick seems to inspire out of marginal players. Harrison could have easily been named the MVP of the Super Bowl for his leadership not to mention two pivotal interceptions, one in the red zone on one of the Eagles’ first drives and the other one sealing the game.

Charlie Weis, former Offensive Coordinator, is headed to coach Notre Dame University. What are the Patriots going to do without him? There going to do that same thing that they did before, rely on the composed leadership of Tom Brady, tough running of Corey Dillon and the talented group of tight ends and wide receivers that consistently get the job done.

Do the Patriots fall out of contention while losing their coordinators? The answer is a resounding NO! They stay true to their team concept and continue to win football games, which is especially easy when your team wins two straight Super Bowl wins and has no major player personnel changes in the upcoming off-season. Anyone who does not have the Patriots as the favorite to win Super Bowl is a fool and should be called one.

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Well done I am a huge Patriots fan and I have been waiting for someone to say just what you said.  So many people think the Pats are starting and ending their dynasty as we speak, but I highly disagree.  Why do I disagree?  Exactly what you said.  Glad to see that at least one other person sees that losing our coordinators is not going to kill us.  Nice job!

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