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NBA Power Rankings. November 17th 2004

NBA Power Rankings are finally here for the 2004-2005 Season.  Any and all feedback, complaints, suggestions are welcomed.  If I get good responses, I’ll continue to do the rankings weekly.  Enjoy!1.  Seattle Supersonics

Ray Allen is shooting 60% from 3-point land.  60%! Seattle has won 8 straight. That isn’t a coincidence.

2.  San Antonio Spurs

Their only blemish is to the red hot Sonics.  From where I’m sitting Manu Ginobli looks like an All-Star.  

3.  Dallas Mavericks

These guys can score with anyone.  But the difference this year is they have only given up 100 points twice.  When Michael Finley gets back, look out.  

4.  Utah Jazz

Jerry Sloan has gotten these pieces of the puzzle fitting perfectly.  Carlos Boozer is a Superstar in the making and Andrei Kirilenko is the best defensive player in the league.      

5.  Miami Heat

With Dwayne Wade and Shaq healthy, these guys are about to go on a run.  

6.  Indiana Pacers

Ron Artest is the Terrell Owens of the NBA.  Or Vice Versa.  

7.  Minnesota Timberwolves

An unhappy Sprewell and Cassell equal no NBA Finals for Garnett.   So its time for Minnesota to Show Them The Money!

8.  Phoenix Suns

With Steve Nash running the show, the Phoenix Suns are the most exciting team in basketball.  

9.  Orlando Magic

Who knew Grant Hill would be playing let alone playing this well.  He did.  This team will surprise people if he keeps it up.  

10.  Sacramento Kings

Rumor has it the Peja took his house off the market.  Coincidentally the Kings are on a 3 game winning streak.  They are almost back to form.  

11.  Detroit Pistons

Personal issues and the injury are hurting this team.  Now with Coach Brown back, look for them to get it going again.  

12.  Los Angeles Clippers

You’ve heard it before, but the Clips are still 1 or 2 pieces away from being a legitimate playoff team.  

13.  Los Angeles Lakers  

If Caron Butler can play as well as he has the Lakers could be better than we all thought.

14.  Houston Rockets

There is something not quite right about this team.  Not sure what it is but it reflects in their record.  

15.  Boston Celtics

The Atlantic Division is by far the worst division in the NBA.  The Celtics are proving it by leading that division.  

16.  Cleveland Cavaliers

Congratulations to Cavs for getting above .500 for the 1st time in the Lebron Era. Lebron James might be the best player in the Eastern Conference.  

17.  Denver Nuggets

Everybody welcome Carmelo Anthony to the 2004-2005 NBA Season.  

18.  Milwaukee Bucks

The next 5 games are going to tell story for this team.  After hosting Miami, they go on the road to Portland, Sacramento, Los Angeles (Lakers), and Phoenix.  Good Luck.

19.  Philadelphia 76ers

Jury’s still out on “AI at Point guard”.  But they are winning games and that’s what matters.

20.  Toronto Raptors

Anybody else getting the feeling that the Raptors can win without Vince Carter. Look for a trade by the deadline.  

21.  Portland Trailblazers

The Blazers again have big name players. But are up to the same old underachievement.  Is anyone surprised?  Didn’t think so.  

22.  Memphis Grizzlies

Speaking of underachievement.  Its gonna get worse before its better in Memphis. Next 5 games are at Portland, at Sacramento, at Golden State, then hosting San Antonio and Seattle.  Ouch

23.  Washington Wizards

I love the trio of Antawn Jamison, Larry Hughes, and Gilbert Arenas.  Not much else to love though.  

24.  New York Knicks

Lenny Wilkens has only coached 48 games for the Knicks.  But it seems as though Isaiah Thomas wont let him see another 48.

25.  Atlanta Hawks

Antoine Walker and Al Harrington are good players.  Too bad nobody else on this team is.  

26.  New Jersey Nets

The sad thing in New Jersey is that Alonzo Mourning (who is lucky to be playing basketball) wants outta there.  I don’t know if he is going to get his wish, but you can count on Jason Kidd going elsewhere.  

27.  Golden State Warriors

Something has to be done and something will be done within the next couple months.  Jason Kidd?

28.  Charlotte Bobcats

If they can get healthy, the Bobcats won’t be the worst team in the league.  

29.  New Orleans Hornets

Poor Byron Scott.  No Jamal Mashburn.  No Baron Davis.  Western Conference.  No chance.  

30.  Chicago Bulls

With a team full of 1st round picks, you would think these guys would be better. Emphasis on the “you would think”.  

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